Together on Neighbours? (Grundy Television)

Extended coverage.

Since Americans aren’t the only ones with good soapy drama, has listened to our readers from across the pond who’ve requested we keep tabs on a few British and Australian soap operas. Take a look at what’s going on with dramas from other parts of the world.

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Now that Audrey is back with Lewis, her family does what they can to protect her from the former conman. For starters, David refuses to sign the salon back over to his grandmother, preventing her from paying for a trip around the world with Lewis. While this tactic might keep her finances secure, it might not do their relationship any favors.

Are Sally and Kevin getting back together? Could be, as Kevin is quick to comfort a distraught Sally after she learns Anne killed Frank. Nothing like a grisly murder to reignite the flames.

Spoiler alert: After being made events manager at the pub, Jean decides to throw a party in Heather’s memory. She goes retro with an 80s theme, but apparently not all the guests are into fishnets and loud hair as Shirley accuses everyone of laughing at Heather. Maybe Jean should have gone with a 70s theme?

After Ian and Mandy get into a row, Mandy leaves her engagement ring at home and walks out. When Mandy decides to leave Walford, Ian tries to change her mind by popping the question again. Second time’s the charm?

Spoiler alert: Sandy is hurt after enraging his son Ashley when he makes a mess at home. It remains to be seen if Sandy will tell anyone about it, but if he doesn’t, Rachel might since she already suspects Ashley is abusing his father.