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Greetings Readers! We recently opened our mailbag and couldn’t resist sharing the thoughts of your fellow readers, and what they have to say about the current storyline.

Anonymous says, “You have almost lost a loyal viewer of “The Young & the Restless.” The show should be called “The Young and the Restless” the sitcom. Get rid of the ridiculous storylines like Angelica and her fat father, Angelo. Let’s go back to being adults. Please.”

Anonymous says, “I hope Sharon gets pregnant with Adam’s baby which means more fun drama on “The Young and the Restless.” I’m glad Victor had a heart, well kinda, in regard to Adam. Jack must walk again. Chelesa’s mom will be gone soon we all hope. Poor Kevin has to win Chloe’s love back. Nikki must make Victor pay for all he’s done to Billy and Vicki. Thanks for bringing Hope to see Adam.”

Beth says, “I have been watching “Days of Our Lives” for more years than I can remember. I’ve stayed with you through the good and goofy, but these last few storylines have gone over the top.”

Carol says, “How did EJ win as mayor when he is the black sheep in town on “Days of Our Lives?” Let Abe be the winner because he is not a cheat. Will stole his computer to help EJ win. It is not fair. Damn EJ, Stefano, and Kate too.”

Charlotte – Victor needs to wash and cut his hair on “The Young and the Restless.”

Dawn says, “Don’t let Patrick kill Jason on “General Hospital.” In fact, no more dead bodies at all, please. Let Patrick be the respectable doctor he is supposed to be. What message would you end up sending to the public about doctors? Let excitement back into picture. Let Sam and Jason become parents, and go on happily ever after. I also think Helena should leave well enough alone let Ethan & Cassandra be happy as a couple. Let Dante and Sonny live as a father and son. Let Ethan and Luke live. But kill Helena off show.”

Diana comments about the “Days of Our Lives,” “I think that Rafe should give Sami a second chance because both of them messed up on their marriage.”