Credit: Kamar De Los Reyes (ABC)

It’s always about getting naked and doing sex scenes! How much more embarrassing can it get for an actor or actress, one ponders? Being out of your element, naked, or practically naked, in front of someone you work with? We’re not too sure what tops that! Here’s what the soap stars had to say, to reporters, when asked what their most embarrassing moment on set was – up to date!

Matthew Purvis spoke with Murray Bartlett, who plays Cyrus on Guiding Light and he had a good attitude about embarrassing situations. “Fortunately we have an amazing cast and crew on GL who I feel very comfortable with, so even when I make a fool of myself, I don’t really get embarrassed. We are all able to laugh with, and at ,ourselves and each other.”

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Amy Mistretta spoke with Kamar de los Reyes about what some of the most embarrassing things he had to do on the set of One Life to Live, while playing Antonio Vega.

Kamar says, “Well, stripping… That was pretty embarrassing. I kind of went into my own little world to get through it!”

When asked how he’s different or the same as his character, Kamar admitted, “I’d like to think Antonio is honest, loyal and passionate. That could describe who I am as a person. I’m also a little more sensitive.”

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Lori Wilson spoke with Renee Jones (Lexi Carver) about embarrassing things that happen on the set of Days of Our Lives. Here’s what she had to say:

Renee: “It’s always embarrassing doing these sex scenes with these guys. You know they had me doing something with Tek where Tek and I are in the back of a van having sex and Abe walks out and we’re getting it on so wild that the van is moving up and down! And you know how hard it is to get a van, (to move) I mean what are you doing to make a van move up and down? So they had us where you see us through the window and they had us kissing over and over and over and both of us were so tired of it, but they had two big guys moving the van because we couldn’t do it! The sex scenes are always the most embarrassing. You feel embarrassed anyway so you find things to laughabout because you’re so embarrassed anyway.”

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Lori Wilson spoke with Christopher Maleki, who plays Spike, on Passions, about his most embarrassing moments on the show.