turns two years old, or should I say, it’s our two year anniversary of “going live”? It’s been a wonderful two years, filled with writing, research, interviews and event coverage…

The staff of wants to thank our readers, foremost, for allowing us to bring you daily updates, the latest soap news, charity event dates and actor appearances, as well as being able to bring you close to your favorite actors through our personal interviews! We’ve enjoyed reading and interacting with you on our message boards, and in our comment sections, and look forward to more of the same in the future!

The shows, networks, media and the actors, as well as their publicists, have worked closely with us to bring our readers the scoop, and we want to thank those involved immensely, as we look forward to a long and productive relationship with each of you!

What you see on the site daily stems from the whole team at While there are those who you are familiar with on a daily basis, others to include our behind the scenes team, such as our developer of technology, Tony, Ken and Julien, who are a part of our IT department, our big bosses, Brian, Mike and Kyle, all deserve a huge thank you for always being there to help make the site what it is today!

To our substitute-writer Allyson, who is always there on a moment’s notice, to create an exciting update for our readers, and to our moderator administrator, Kathryn, who we’ve found to be an absolute gem in our boards, as well as all of our incredible moderators who take time out of their daily schedules to ensure that our message boards are a fun place to debate and make new friends, we thank you for all of your hard work and always know that it never goes unnoticed!

Last but not least, I want to thank my staff of writers and reporters for dedicating themselves to bringing each section of every possible scoop, interview and, of course, the day to day recaps that give our readers their daily soap-fix!

Amy Mistretta started out as a writer, two years ago and wound up Christine’s right hand woman, as we say. In addition to being the Assistant Editor, Amy is the writer/reporter for One Life to Live, as well as the copy editor and soap news reporter. Amy has the scoop, dispels the rumors and is always one step ahead of anyone we’ve met, keeping our main pages hopping with scoopage. We also call her the bug finder because things out of the ordinary always seem to catch her ‘editor’s eye’.

Kristi Knight is our All My Children and As the World Turns recap/news writer and reporter. Although she sometimes looks at her articles as small pieces, they are always massive and full of great information for the readers!

Lori Wilson is our Bold and the Beautiful recap/news writer and reporter extraordinaire, who met Christine just over a year ago at the 2007 Emmys and started reporting for us soon after. She’s talked to tons of your daytime favorites and never thinks twice about attending a soap event or taking on an interview in order to deliver her first-hand scoop to the fans! She also works with us on our sister sites, Soap Opera Fan, our upcoming Soap blog, Soap Opera Fan Blog and She Knows!

Julie Clark Robinson writes as a recap/news writer for our General Hospital section. She recently began work on our new project, our sister site’s new blog, Soap Opera Fan Blog, giving the General Hospital news in brief! If you’re pressed for time and couldn’t read all of her wonderfully in-depth recaps of the show on, she’ll summarize the entire week for you, each Friday, on the blog! Julie’s well known for her fun-filled message board chats with daytime stars!

Matt, our Guiding Light writing guru, is always articulate, on the button, and has great insight into Guiding Light and the now defunct Passions – he has more passion for that show than anyone we’ve known. He also writes for our sister sites, Soap Opera Fan, our upcoming Soap blog! His Days of our Lives and Passions “Thoughts” are one of the most popular reads on that site!

Shannon Burrell, our journalist and sub-writer, was the first person to be hired on, even before the Editor-In-Chief! He was hired the day before, and has been with us ever since! Shannon has written for all of our soaps at one time or another, he reports, hangs out on the red carpet, used to write Ugly Betty and Fashion House, interviewed bigger stars such as Morgan Fairchild and is always there when we need a helping hand!

Deanna Barnert is a writer, and helps us to manage that site. She’s got the skinny on the industry, on the actors and is our Los Angeles connection, now that Lori Wilson has moved to the windy city! We’ve seen some of Dee’s interviewing prowess on, and we’ll see more of her reporting on event coverage for both sites as the year goes on.

Stephanie Troughten is our Vancouver correspondent. Anything soapy that happens in western Canada to do with Y&R, she’ll be there, scooping it for you! Y&R’s her show. She was recently seen having tea with Kate Linder and other Y&R actors, for a breast cancer charity event. has maintained that while we don’t subscribe to soap industry gossip, or any other gossip, we want to get the news out to you as fast as we can, so that you’re aware of what’s going on with your favorite shows, actors…etc. We may be soap fans, but we’re not fanatical, we are here to do a job, as reporters. We report. When the day is done, and our job is over, we go off to our families and friends, work on hobbies and get involved with other non-soap activities, but often that question of “What else can we do to better our site?” is always niggling away at us. We’ve done phone calls at 7:00 AM, to emails at 3:00 AM, with ideas, questions, and feedback… it’s a group effort that keeps us afloat, and I have never worked with a better staff than this. Everyone gives so much to this site. As Editor-in-Chief, Days of Our Lives news writer and reporter I truly feel blessed to work with such inspirational people, such incredible writers and such a great bunch…We’re a great team!

Cheers to another fabulous two years, and cheers to the readers of

Christine Fix