Up close with the actors.

Soaps.com’s January interviews with the stars of Daytime television had them dishing on cancellations, scandals, possible affairs, a popular recast, and Daytime’s newest bad girl…

In our Darnell Williams Interview the former “All My Children” star shared with Lori, “I think pretty much everybody was satisfied with the way the Hubbards were able to wrap up.” Read the above link to find out what he said about this year’s Tribute to Pine Valley, and the actor’s new role on “The Young and the Restless.”

During our James Reynolds Interview, the “Days of our Lives” actor explained Abe’s mayoral campaign tactics to Hollie. “I think he is just engaging in the rough and tumble of politics and there may be a little ethical blurring but the truth of the matter, he knows that EJ is going to do this and in some ways he is stopping EJ and even look at it as the ultimate practical joke.” We also discussed his nomination for a NAACP Award for Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama, and plans for a possible film project on the horizon.

Hollie chatted with another “DOOL” actor, Kate Mansi (Abby), who shared insight into her character such as the cat fight with Melanie (Molly Burnett), Jack and Abby’s relationship, and Abby’s feelings toward a certain married man in town. “For Abigail it is a real attraction, a real possibility for her to be with him [Austin, Patrick Muldoon] because what initially attracted her to him is the way he is a strong man, he is a good husband, he is loyal, he loves his wife.” Read more in an interview with DOOL’s Kate Mansi.