Who should GH's Jason be with? (ABC)

As each week goes by, Soaps.com watches as the shows’ storylines change and we’re always excited to hear what our readers have to say about the latest goings-on surrounding their favorite soaps. Good or bad, we like to read them all, and what fun would it be if we kept them to ourselves!

Grab a cup of coffee and sit back as we open up our Soaps.com Mailbag! Do you agree with your fellow posters? If so, or if not, be sure to post your own comments below in regards to some of the latest talked about storylines!

All My Children

Loving the show!

Cathy W.: I am so glad Beth is going to be acting with Jake. It is so nice to see them both together. They are so cute together.

James C.: I love All My Children! It’s the coolest and hottest show in the world and on daytime TV!

Not buying the “Erica” storyline…

Elizabeth J.: I have been watching All My Children since I was seventeen. I am now sixty-three. I think Erica is about the same age. I am now going to stop watching because of the affair I am sure she is going to have with Sam. Give me a break. Erica might look great, but come on, how many husbands has she had? This is absolutely insane. I like soaps, but they should draw a line somewhere on affairs. I wish they would let her be happy and settle down to a good life like Joe.

Ginny R.: Really, what’s up with this Erica storyline… She is 63 yrs young and her storyline is for a 30 yr old. Please…. She is acting like a flirty little teenager…Have Jackson meet someone else and fall madly in love, so this little game they’re playing can end. This whole storyline is getting nauseating. A disappointed fan.

Cathy W.: I think these storylines are just terrible. What is going on with Erica and Samuel? How is any of this stuff making any sense? Especially Annie and Ryan. All the things she has done, and she gets away with it. Do something about these storylines. And do something about Erica. She gets away with a lot.

As the World Turns

Love it!

Cathy W.: A sexy couple: Jack & Carly. They make the show interesting. Carly & Holden: no way. As for Jack & Janet, the show is boring. No spark. Some people are good together and some are not. Liberty & Parker makes no sense, too young.

Gail H.: I Love the show, however one can’t even hear the words of the actors over the loud music. Can’t they turn down the music so we can hear the people talking? All the other shows are fine except this one. [Editor’s note: Have never had a problem with this. Perhaps contact the show!]

Not happy with the show!

Sue W.: I am in hopes that the storylines of As The World Turns will be changing very soon or ASAP. Right now – I don’t care if I watch it. Why do you have to have people so unhappy?

Jan E.: Lily overlooking her own backsliding to castigate Holden doesn’t make sense.

Bold and the Beautiful

Bring back Massimo!

Gerri F.: Now is the right time to bring back Massimo, so he can help Stephanie get over Eric and help his son get Donna out of the company for good! [Editor’s note: Too bad Joe Mascolo is on Days of our Lives now, Gerri. Perhaps another time!]

Love it!

Carly B.: I just wanted to say thank you so much for the show. I really love the show and the people in the show too!

Sandy C.: I am very happy to be a part of the fan club. This show has more to life than its entirety. It is magnificent in all aspects. The celebrities are worth their weight in gold. Each one projecting a beautiful life-like performance. The writing is astronomical. I have one concern why is the greatest show of all, only given thirty minutes airtime? I LOVE YOU ALL.

The Negative Side:

Linda B.: Why can’t Bridget ever be happy? There is always someone to come in and interfere. I think that you need to make sure she stays happy with Nick, and toss out Katie.

Jackie A.: I just hope that Eric put everything in Donna’s name. Brooke should be ashamed of herself, especially letting Ridge rule her life once again.

Judy R.: For crying out loud this is the only soap I watch and if you do not let Katie grow up and leave Nick alone I am going to quit watching it! Now she’s pregnant – good grief let Nick and Bridget have some peace.

Days of Our Lives

Love it!

Amanda A.: I would like to see John back to his normal self, and Marlena and him belong together. Ava isn’t good for John. As for Lucas and Chloe, I think they would make a really good couple. I think Chelsea and Dr. Daniels are a really hot couple!!! As for Sami, she needs to be with EJ. I think it would be good to bring back Carrie and Austin.

JoAnne W.: Bart should come back when Stefano comes back in September.

Pat H.: I just wish we could see a lot more of Chelsea and Daniel. I love their chemistry and have been watching Days for probably 50 years.

Hate Nu-John:

Kathy C.: PLEASE bring back the old John. This storyline has gone on long enough. That’s why a lot of people have quit watching the show. You keep a story going on forever and it gets boring after a while. The old John was a lot more interesting than this one, plus I can’t stand to see Marlena cry!

Still Missing Shelle:

Nancy L.: We all sure miss Belle and Shawn… I can’t believe you could not write them in.


Christine C.: Kayla is right that Ava has made their lives a living hell, but the baby almost died because she wouldn’t stay in bed like she was told a million times by everyone. She had cramps in every scene she was in from the time she conceived till she gave birth. I am getting tired of Marlena. If someone’s dead husband came back I don’t think most people would care if his personality was different. I hope Ava and her goons go to jail soon. It is unbelievable that they are all out on bail and are able to use guns. Don’t the police check these things out? I will be happy to see Bart back. He cracked me up.