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Fan fiction is the next best thing to watching the show.

We’ve lost so many of our soap operas in the past few years. Fans are missing the soap characters they’ve grown accustomed to seeing each day over the years. With that in mind, decided to bring your beloved characters, and not so beloved characters back to life via Fan Fiction.

We’ve already shown you what could have happened if Erica Kane was shot by JR on AMC. Fan reactions were interesting. Julie D says, “Maybe it is just too soon for it…I know I am still in mourning and we haven’t even had to face the day without OLTL yet.” Another fan, Gary W, has another way of thinking. “You have to take what you can out of life and this may be the only way we can get a conclusion to these shows.”

Why should we miss our characters when we can bring them back to life? I for one have asked one of the writers if they’d perhaps explore what would happen if Maureen Bauer and Roger Thorpe on Guiding Light were still around. Another writer thinks it might be fun to write what could have been if Ethan and Theresa weren’t fated to be together on Passions. There are so many stories left for these characters we loved or loved to hate, and we hope many of the fans will appreciate our attempt to give you a piece of something lost.