Credit: Reeves (Nikki Nelson

Soap opera stars sharing their most sentimental moments, their plans for the holidays, and their most surprising presents.

Andrew Trischitta (Jack, “One Life To Live”) shares his most sentimental moment of the holidays. “My most sentimental moment is watching my dog find her stocking, then stick her head in to get all her presents out… She gets so excited when she pulls out a stuffed animal or a new bone. Definitely the happiest out of everyone.”

We asked him what the most surprising present was he had been given. He tells us, “I never have much of a list, even as a kid. Mostly every gift I received was a surprise, whether it be boring clothes or some expensive piece of technology. Everything about Christmas is still exciting. I’m still the first one up every Christmas morning, usually 6-7 AM. I can’t remember my most surprising gift, but maybe this year I’ll get some car keys, that would certainly be surprising.”

Deidre Hall (Marlena, “Days of our Lives”) tells about her plans for the holidays and her special traditions. “I decorate like mad. I make time for friends. I stay home a lot. I do what most Americans do. I enjoy my family. I try to do things that are charitable and help out in my community. But that’s it. Just quiet.”

Bobbie Eakes (ex-Krystal, “All My Children”) tells us all about her lovely plans. “I always love to be with family when possible. My mom and dad are coming out. They’ll be here for at least a week. We just renovated this mid-century modern out here and it’s hopefully going to be finished by the time they get out here. So, we’re just going to kick back with mom and dad, you know, enjoy the beautiful scene in Palm Springs. There’s nothing like Christmas in Palm Springs. That’s the best time of the year. We’re excited about that.”