With the holiday coming up tomorrow, everyone’s getting their party hats ready, their grills prepared and the bug spray out for a day and night full of 4th of July fun! Like us, soap stars make exciting plans too, and we’re happy to give you a sneak peek into what many of them told Soaps.com in regards to their big holiday plans!

All My Children writer, Kristi Knight, asked Amanda Baker (Babe) if she had anything planned for the big day. “I’m excited because I’m going back home to Charleston, SC for the 4th and it always consists of being out on the water in someone’s boat and having a barbeque afterwards,” Amanda boasted. “It’s been that way for years, so I can’t wait!”

Kristi also talked to AMC’s Chrishell Stause (Amanda) who said, “[The] 4th of July weekend came early for me this year, because I’m already home with my family for the festivities. I love celebrating the 4th with my family because we always go to the town fair and eat funnel cake! I also love being reminded how lucky I am to be an American. It’s definitely one of my favorite holidays.”

Bold and the Beautiful writer/reporter, Lori Wilson, asked B&B and Y&R’s Darcy Rose Byrnes what fun plans she had set for the day. “As usual, I’ll celebrate the 4th of July at The Starlight Bowl, but this year is extra special because I get to spend it with my friend Harley (Harley Graham, “Allie Forrester” from B&B)!”

Lori also had a chance to talk ‘holidays’ with B&B’s Lesley Anne Down (Jackie Marone), who told her, “We have a friend who has a house about five minutes from us and it’s high up. We’re having fireworks on our beach (in Malibu, CA) and their house has a brilliant view of the beach and she’s a marvelous hostess, she’s Iranian and her husband is Jewish – Israeli,” Lesley-Anne said. “They grew up knowing each other back in their homeland and they’re just wonderful people. They’re an absolute microcosm of how the world could and should be and they’re having people over and we’re going to barbecue and watch the fireworks and let the children jump in the pool.”

Days of Our Lives’ Jay Johnson (Philip) gave Lori a shout out about his plans for the 4th as well! “Off work this week, and getting caught up on life…” Jay admitted. “I don’t have any big plans for the 4th. Probably BBQ with some friends, nothing worth writing about… But talk to me Saturday… I might have a great story for you then.”

Our General Hospital writer, Julie Clark Robinson, spoke to a few actors to see who was doing what! GH’s Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara) said he would be, “Avoiding the madness and heat of Los Angeles and escaping to Connecticut… where it’ll be hotter, more humid, but LESS CRAZY…and the drivers are nice too!”

GH’s Carolyn Hennesy (Diane Miller) told Julie, “I’ll be with friends, on their boat, drifting along, looking back at the shoreline and, at some point, thanking God and the founding fathers for all of the liberties, freedoms, advantages and blessings we know in this most wonderful of countries…Then I’ll eat a hamburger.”

Although Julie couldn’t catch up with Sebastian Roche (Jerry Jacks) himself, his publicist gave us a peek into Jerry’s holiday plans… “Sebastian will be editing his documentary about child soldiers in Uganda and Sudan on July 4th.”

Jackie Zeman (Bobbie Spencer) talked about hanging out with one of her fellow co-stars and said, “Kin Shriner [Scott Baldwin] and I are having dinner in Malibu overlooking the ocean. A perfect way to celebrate with a fun fabulous treasured friend. And since we both love the water and the beach…. what could be better! Have a happy 4th.”

For those who want to know what Y&R’s Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) and Days Judi Evans (ex-Bonnie/Adrienne) will be up to tomorrow, you can read about their plans here!

Soaps.com wants to wish all of the actors and our readers a day full of fun! Stay safe, and we’ll see you on Monday for another full week of daytime drama!