Of course we watch soaps, and know of others who watch shows, who know of people who watch soaps, and so on and so forth. However, have you ever wondered who exactly, age wise, monopolizes the majority of daytime soap viewers?

When it comes to all three networks, ABC, CBS and NBC, the average age has increased across the board by ten times! Steve Sternberg, who is the executive vice president of one of the world’s largest media firms, Magna Global, has just released data stating that the age of those watching daytime television has gone up from fifty last season to fifty-four this season! Breaking down the networks, ABC has seen a change from forty-nine year-olds to fifty-three year olds, CBS from fifty-six to fifty-nine and NBC from forty-three to forty-nine.

Although CBS’s The Price Is Right landed the oldest audience, with the common viewer ranging around sixty-four, NBC’s Days of Our Lives scored the youngest daytime audience with an averaging age topping out at forty-nine. When combining each networks’ shows to include daytime, evening and primetime slots, CBS still held the oldest audience at age fifty-five, while NBC remained the youngest with viewers averaging at fifty-two.

Soaps.com wants everyone to know that though these are neat statistics to look back on, we welcome every fan, young and old, and enjoying hearing your views of daytime today no matter what! Feel free to comment below… maybe tell us your age range and the ages of others you know who watch ‘what’ networks and ‘what’ soaps!