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Given the amazing storylines flooding daytime over the past couple of months, has decided to open up our overflowing mailbag to see what our readers have to say. Whether happy thoughts or disappointment filled with anger, we want to hear them all! As always, we urge you to leave your comments below and voice your agreement or debate the thoughts of your fellow fans. Although we email our readers back with answers to their burning questions, without further ado, here’s what you, our readers, had to say about your favorite soaps!

All My Children

Love it: Martha C.: It is wonderful to see Dixie (Cady McClain) back. If only you could find a way for her to come back for good it would please everyone who watches All My Children. Tad needs someone. I hate to see Sydney Penny leave – I love her but she doesn’t have a storyline but there should be one- get rid of Richie (can’t stand him) and that storyline and concentrate on one for Sydney Penny. KEEP HER & DIXIE.

Love it: Bilquis W.: People should lay off Greenlee. I know she has issues. Who on the show doesn’t? I think Greenlee and Ryan should be together. When a woman really loves a man, it’s hard to get his sweat out of your skin. Of course she wants his baby. Get rid of Annie. Having her hang around because she’s probably suddenly pregnant is a predictable soap opera direction. It would be too much of a deja vu for Greenlee to watch Annie carry Ryan’s baby the way she watched Kendall’s first pregnancy. Since everyone on the show has a rotating door on their bedroom, Aidan and Annie should give it a try. Who would it hurt since Ryan doesn’t love Annie anyway?

Love it: Gary S.: Kristi, a quick note to thank you for getting an interview with Eden Riegel. I love Eden, and her character of Bianca. It was great to hear from her, and equally glad to hear she is doing other things in her life away from AMC. Hopefully, the people in charge of the show will one day bring her back. I miss her terribly, and the show has a real void with Eden not being there. Again Kristi, thanks for the interview, it was much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Love it: Sharon Cox: I must say that I like the new writers. They have brought back some new drama in the program. I like the new people who are coming into the picture. But, I must say I hope that Greenlee and Adian get back together. I hope Kendall will lose Zach because she does not deserve this wonderful man. But, who should have this wonderful man? They will never share the true love they once had because of Kendall. Keep up the good work!

Hate it: Daniel B.: As a nearly two decades ABC Daytime soap opera viewer, I am disappointed in your current sloppy writing. Yes I know that child characters do jump ages on daytime soaps yet I feel that All My Children aged Colby Chandler too quickly. This is supposed to be this girl’s senior year. She should be celebrating her last year in high school doing senior activities such as prom, graduation, etc.

Hate it: Cathy W.: I think this storyline with Dixie makes no sense. Another thing… this storyline about Greenlee… It is always about Greenlee. Like she is the only one that matters. Nobody else counts, just her.

Hate it: Tracy D.: I think Kendall must forget the past and turn to new page with her husband and her family. Zach must stop getting too close with Greenlee. Sometimes the wife always gets jealous even with the sister or best friend. They both must work together not to fight for stupid people… grow up.

As the World Turns

Love it: Patsy H.: Let’s have more happy times on As the World Turns.

Love it: Sandy J.: Please keep the romance going with Holden and Carly! It makes it worth watching. I love them together!!

Hate it: Robin P.: Please do not adopt the format that Guiding Light recently has with all the outdoor scenes. I have been watching ATWT for so many years and the characters have become my family. However, if the format is gradually going to follow GL I will find another channel.

Hate it: Kathy Z.: I have watched ATWT for many years but have stopped for now because I cannot bear the “stupidity” of Meg looking all forlorn & confused over Paul. Honestly, she represents everything a woman should not be. Is she waiting for him to beat her? Her part is nauseating. I have never e-mailed any show before but just had to comment!

Hate it: Karen P.: I cannot believe that after all these years you have chosen to let Martha B. leave the cast of ATWT. Please bring her back, please! Not seeing her play the role of Lilly is too sad. I have watched your show since it aired and your old cast members are a wonderful part of why I have watched the show for such a long time. Holden and Carly? Give us all a break and don’t continue with this story line!

Bold and the Beautiful

Love it: Debbie G.: The greatest secret would be if Donna turned out to be Eric’s daughter. After all he did have this thing with her mother way back when? Now come on, if Ridge can belong to another man it would make sense. Hats off to the writers. Way to go. This would be my suggestion.

Love it: Judy P.: I don’t know where this is leading to, but I hope Stephanie gets her husband back.

Love it: Jacqueline A.: I hope that you can put Ridge back with Ashley for good. They make a much better couple then Ridge and Brooke. Ashley has class, and she wont put up with Brooke’s crap. I see love when Ridge and Ashley are together. Not sex and lust, like with Brooke.

Hate it: Kate L.: What a low down rat Eric is! I’ll never watch this show again unless they get rid of Donna. Eric’s a slime ball… forgives everyone especially the Logan’s, but Steph… he treats her like crap I want to see him green with over Steph & a new man. As for them living in Steph’s house… It’s the sickest yet! Writers you have more upset fans than when Taylor got ousted. You lost a lot of fans today.

Hate it: Cecilia L.: Since Bold and the Beautiful has a lot going o, and always does, why can’t that soap opera be on longer? We don’t get enough time to see our show. I don’t think the stars would mind.

Hate it: Marion D.: How crazy is the storyline with Donna having a child. First of all, the child is as old as she is, so unbelievable…This soap is going downhill fast…

Days of Our Lives

Love it: Jennifer B.: I love Days of our Lives. I watch every day!

Love it: Kristy C.: Can you guy’s (PLEASE) put Daniel and Chelsea together. Everyone knows Sami belongs with EJ. I mean I like Lucas and
everything but he doesn’t belong with Sami. Her and EJ look better together.

Love it: Cleopatria S.: I hope Sami and Lucas stay together and it would be nice if both of the babies were Lucas’. Neither looks like EJ.

Hate it: Nancy M.: Please let Daniel fall for Chloe NOT CHELSEA. He wouldn’t fall for Chelsea if she were the last gal on earth. He’s hot, sexy… what a miss match…you goofed this time. Get him hooked up with someone of his caliber. Been watching for a long, long time.

Hate it: Reta M.: If Daniel’s a doctor and has been around the world surfing, maybe Days can add some color in his wardrobe department. His clothes are the same thing since day one and the beige coat must go. Please get him some help in wardrobe. I know he can’t be that poor in that department being a so-called “Doctor” not a bum.

Hate it: Kay P.: Why are you bringing Lucas back as Sami and EJ make a much more exciting couple?

General Hospital

Love it: Wanda H.: I know some love Jason and Liz but they have no chemistry together. Not like Jason and Robin had and still do. Ever time they have scenes together they light up. Jason would smile and laugh a lot with Robin. We want our old Jason back. Steve and Kimberly are the best actors on daytime T.V

Love it: Barb G.: Jason and Liz should get their happy ending. They really belong to each other and have a son. And that is the tide that binds.

Love it: Shana A.: I am a long time General Hospital fan. I must say that I got away from it for a while. In clicking channels one day, I noticed this very distinctive actor. Who is, “Officer Murphy?” He is good looking, poignant and a reason for me to reinstate GH into my vocabulary and into my Life. Upon doing further research, I found that Officer Murphy is one Mykel Jenkins. When you bring him back, I will come back full throttle.

Hate it: Christine M.: Why in the world are they getting rid of Michael. The little red headed boy has been on the show forever. It is a big mistake to get rid of him and replace him. Do they honestly think they are doing favors for anyone? By the way I thought Spinelli was going to find out who his dad was. Nothing else has been said about that. I just don’t want Michael to go.

Hate it: Annie G.: Attention GH writer Guza we are tired of Liz and Jason not having any happiness. Let La La Liz live a little and be with Jason. They are so good together. So it will be a little dangerous, that is what love is all about.

Hate it: Doreen L.: I am still upset that Michael is off. The kid was so good.