Last night, Friday, June 13, 2008, was a great night for our favorite daytime soap operas! During the 35th Annual Daytime Creative Arts and Entertainment Awards, many of the shows were honored for their spots in daytime! We’re excited to announce the categories and winners for this year’s event as follows…

Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design For A Drama Series: (There was a tie!)

CBS – As the World Turns’ Patrick Howe (Production Designer), Tim Goodmanson (Art Director), Karen Hlipala (Set Decorator), Catherine McKenney (Set Decorator) and Dennis Donegan (Set Decorator) and The Young and the Restless’ William Hultstrom (Production Designer), David Hoffman (Art Director), Andrea Joel (Set Decorator), Joe Bevacqua (Set Decorator) and Fred Cooper (Set Decorator)

Outstanding Achievement for a Casting Director For A Drama Series:

ABC – General Hospital’s Mark Teschner (Casting Director)

Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design For A Drama Series:

ABC – One Life to Live’s Susan Gammie (Head Costume Designer), David Brooks (Costume Designer) and Sally Lesser (Costume Designer)

Outstanding Achievement in Multiple Camera Editing For A Drama Series:

CBS – The Bold and the Beautiful’s Jonathan Smilowitz (Editor), Jim Friesen (Editor) and Brian Bagwell (Editor)

Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling For A Drama Series:

NBC – Days of Our Lives’Margie Puga (Hairstylist), Matthew Holman (Hairstylist), Garry Allyn (Hairstylist), Kim Salvatore (Hairstylist) and Monica Sebedra (Hairstylist)

Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction For A Drama Series:

ABC – One Life to Live’s Scott Devitte (Lighting Director) and Robert Bessoir (Lighting Director)

Outstanding Achievement in Makeup For A Drama Series:

CBS – As the World Turns’ Eldo Ray Estes (Key Makeup Artist), Kimberly Braisin (Makeup Artist), Spehanie Glover-McGee (Makeup Artist) and Anette Lian-Williams (Makeup Artist)

Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction And Composition For A Drama Series:

CBS – Guiding Light’s Gary Deinstadt (Music Director-Composer), Billy Barber (Music Director-Composer), Robyn Cutler (Supervising Music Director), Brian D. Siewert (Composer), Danny Pelfrey (Composer), Chieli Minucci (Composer), Mark Stephen Ross (Composer), Kenneth Eberhard (Composer), Linda Lawley (Composer), Michele Vice-Maslin (Composer) and Ron Komie (Composer).

Outstanding Original Song: (Another tie!)

ABC – One Life to Live’s “Chemistry” by Lance Horne (Composer-Lyricist) and Paul S. Glass (Lyricist) and OLTL’s “Little Starr” by Kevin Briody (Composer-Lyricist)

Outstanding Achievement in Live & Direct To Tape Sound Mixing For A Drama Seri:

CBS – Guiding Light’s Charlie Jones (Production Mixer), Robert Drew Primrose (Production Mixer), Steve Watson (Production Mixer), Thomas Ineson (Post Production Mixer), Thomas Bornkamp (Post Production Mixer), Doug Kent (Post Production Mixer), Andrew C. Capuano (Boom Operator), Charlie Iacocno (Boom Operator), Anthony Valentino (Boom Operator), Anthony Butch Inglese (Boom Operator), and Eric Shuttleworth (Boom Operator),

Outstanding Achievement in Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control For A Drama Series:

ABC – All My Children’s Michael V. Pomarico (Technical Director), Richard Westlein (Electronic Camera) Tom Shepard (Electronic Camera), William Tynan (Electronic Camera), George Montanez (Electronic Camera), Frank Forsyth (Electronic Camera), Adam Keith (Electronic Camera), Robert Ambrico (Electronic Camera), Eric Johnson (Electronic Camera), and Yoneete Commare (Senior Video Control)

All in all, here’s the award total for each show:

All My Children – 4
As the World Turns – 2
The Bold and the Beautiful – 1
Days of Our Lives – 1
General Hospital – 1
Guiding Light – 2
One Life to Live – 4
The Young and the Restless – 1 wants to congratulate all of the shows, their cast, their crew and all of those who took home the awards for each!