To wrap up our series of Writers’ Predictions, we bring you last, but certainly not least, Writer/Reporter Shannon Burrell as he chimes in with his predictions for the 2008 Daytime Emmy Awards

“As always, it was a very exciting year in daytime! Love, marriage, divorce, death, tears, sex, money, cheating, lies and backstabbing; and that’s just a recap of one show! Once again, daytime television has kept us tuning in for more ‘edge of your seat drama.’ Here’s how I think the awards ceremony will pan out.”

Lead Actor: Christian LeBlanc, Michael Y&R (Fan favorite and previous winner. Christian makes the most of every scene and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he takes the Emmy this year.)

Lead Actress: Crystal Chappell, Olivia GL (The character of Olivia is very complex and Crystal portrays her wonderfully! She has won in the supporting actress category, and it’s only a matter of time before she picks up a win in lead.)

Supporting Actor: Trent Dawson, Henry ATWT (Trent is a previous nominee for his role as Henry. He makes his scenes believable day in and day out. It’s hard to tell that he is acting!)

Supporting Actress: Gina Tognoni, Dinah GL (Gina is a previous winner of this award. Dinah had a difficult year recovering from a gun shot to the head. This gave Gina a lot of material to work with and she made the most of it!)

Younger Actor: Van Hansis, Luke ATWT (What a year it has been for Van! He has turned the character of Luke into a role model for young gay viewers. The writing of his character is definitely on his side!)

Younger Actress: Jennifer Landon, ATWT (Jennifer is last year’s winner and had another great year to follow it up.)

Writing: Guiding Light (The writing of GL really stands out as being “different” from the other shows. They twist and turn the storylines so that the unexpected happens. I think that will be what wins this award for them.)

Drama Series: The Young and the Restless (Y&R stays true to what daytime drama is all about. The stories are real and believable. Y&R has been #1 in the ratings for years and is no stranger to winning this award.)

“Whew, that was difficult! I am so glad that I am not on the committee that has to make the final decisions! I found myself wanting to declare a tie in many of the categories, but forced myself to choose only one. Am I right? Am I wrong? Check back with after the June 20th ceremony to see the final results. Best of luck to all of the wonderfully talented nominees!”

Well, like they say in soapland, “That’s a wrap!” We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our Writers’ Predictions. If you happened to miss any of them, they can be viewed in their entirety Here!

See you at the Emmys!