New online drama.

On October 3, the new web series “Our World” will premiere with “All My Children” writer Susan-Sojourna Collier as script-writer. Susan has also written for “Port Charles,” “One Life To Live,” and was briefly a consultant on “Guiding Light.”

“My heart is saddened that “All My Children” will come to an end… My years as a scriptwriter on the show– working with other brilliant writers and creating great storylines– was an incredible adventure. Although we sometimes missed the mark, our goal was always to tap into the emotional heart of the importance of life: family. The family structure and those loving relationships always prevailed on “All My Children.” For that, I’m proud to have been on the writing staff,” Susan-Sojourna Collier stated. “Now, as “All My Children” ends, I look optimistically at the future of soaps. I’m inspired by the growing number of internet dramas such as ours that aspire to become a new chapter in this medium’s distinguished history. I’m encouraged by the number of new producers flocking to the canvas. Most importantly, I’m optimistic that this awesome art form will continue for many decades to come.”

“Our World” surrounds Drew and Owen, two prep school students, who find their way through the excitement and pitfalls of adolescence, which includes sex, drugs and being accepted into the college of their choice. The cast consists of Danielle Burns (“Another World’s” ex-Nancy McGowan), noted jazz vocalist and poet DeeAnne Gorman, New York stage actors Jared Eberlein, Kathi Iannacone and Stephen Stocking, commercial voiceover professionals Guy DiGiose and Victoria Gallucci, and talented newcomers Spencer Scott and Naomi Sedwick.

“Our World” will be produced in New York City, offering viewers 260 episodes, as well as opportunities to actors in the city. Please visit Our World Drama for more details.

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