Credit: Eden Riegel (ABC)

A tie? Is that all your dear ‘ol dad gets each year on Father’s Day? Unless he asks for a tie, think of your poor ‘ol dad this Father’s Day and give him something special, tell him something special or spend some time with him! Anything but the tie, please!

In light of the upcoming Father’s Day, writers decided to ask the soap stars how alike their fathers they are and to find out some of their favorite memories they can recall with their dads. writers also decided to participate a little, and we encourage the readers to chip in, in our comments section!

I’m a lot like my dad. Not only do I love him but I really like him and consider him a good friend who always has good advice and makes me laugh hysterically! I get my artsy side from him, my music appreciation from him – he’s a musician, his stubbornness (grins), we both watch soaps (his favorite is All My Children), I take after him in looks, and yes, I still call him “Daddy”! How about you? How are you like your father? While you’re taking a moment to consider it, take a gander at how your favorite soap stars are similar to their own dads and what are the best memories they can recall from time spent with their father.

Julie Clark Robinson spoke with Carolyn Hennesy, (Diane Miller, GH). Diane says she and her father used to spend time fishing together. One time [she remembers] they got up about 3:30 in the morning and headed out for a fishing adventure, wearing a fishing hat and the whole works. Her dad would bait her hooks for her, and one day, she caught even caught a walleye, with the bait! Just sitting together with him was very special to her, she reminisces, fondly.

Julie spoke with Jason Gerhardt, Cooper Barrett, who says his favorite memories…”Were always involving athletics of some kind. Whenever we would be walking somewhere, for example, we would race and he’d allow me to get ahead just a little bit. I always looked up to him for that.”

Julie reminisces about her dear father. She tells us, “There are two things about myself that I treasure because I know that they are a direct link to my dad (who passed away just two months before my wedding). His sense of humor and his love of nature. To this day, every time I see a “V” of geese fly by I look to the sky and say, “Hi Dad.”

Kyle Lowder, (Rick Forrester, B&B), met Candace Young, in Toronto recently. He told her, “I learned a lot from my dad – still do. My dad is very successful and I learned from a very young age what it takes sub-consciously, consciously, and emotionally to be successful in terms of your drive and your commitments to your goals and your ambition and how hard you work and everything else like that. Also how to balance that – he was always at every one of my Little League games, he was always there. He was a great dad, and I learned a lot about how to balance your drive to be successful with how to be a successful dad on top of that.”