We have a very new and exciting way for fans to catch up and stay up to date on everything surrounding their favorite soaps! Soaps.com will be joining forces with Talkin’ Soaps where we’ll discuss such topics, live, as Daytime Emmy Nominees, predictions from our staff at Soaps.com, discussing who we think the Emmy Committee will select for their winners, who we think the fans want to win, as well as touching base on Post Mortem 2008 Emmys talk as we wrap up the current year’s event. Aside from that, we’ll bring our listeners the history of soaps, past and present, late breaking news and actor interviews… Our ‘to-do’ to-bring-to-you soap list goes on and on!

Our co-host Joey Donovan from Ad Astra Radio, The World’s Premier Science Fiction Talk Radio Network® Ad Astra Communications, LLC, commented on our new venture by saying, “I am honored to bring about a radio talk program devoted to daytime drama through Ad Astra Radio. “Ad Astra” is Latin for “to the stars”- and that’s what we will endeavor to do with Talkin’ Soaps. We also will give the opportunity for the fans to be heard as well. And, Talkin’ Soaps would not exist if it weren’t for Christine Fix and her group of dedicated writers and reporters at Soaps.com and the good folks at SheKnows.”

For the next two weeks (June 7th and 14th) of broadcast, Hour 2 will be a look at the Daytime Emmy nominations. For Hour 2 of the 21st, there will be an interview scheduled with Jim Pierson from Dan Curtis Productions, the force behind Dark Shadows, as the 42nd anniversary of the series’ first airing is June 27th. See this article, for news on the movie – Dark Shadows. For Hour 2 of the 28th, there will be a post-Daytime Emmy show. Stay tuned as we’ll also be chatting about such topics as gays in soaps and about a pre-post-mortem on Passions!

The show is pre-recorded for broadcast at 4:00 PM US Eastern Time on Ad Astra Radio. Fans can tune in to the Ad Astra Radio website and click on the Listen Live icon! We hope to have mp3s of each show on Soaps.com as well!

We hope you’ll join us!