For our second installment of our Writer’s Daytime Emmy Predications, we bring you the thoughts of our All My Children and As the World Turns writer Kristi Knight as she runs through some of the Emmy categories giving her predictions!

Lead Actor:
My pick, goes without saying, has to be AMC’s David Canary. He has been a force to be reckoned with for more than twenty years in Pine Valley. 2007 was no different – Adam learned he would have a second (okay, fifth!) chance to be a father, but then learned Tad was the actual father of Krystal’s baby, which led to the typical Adam Chandler All About-Me behavior. What I love about David’s acting is that he makes Adam completely unlovable but then pulls him back and makes us root for Adam at the same time.

Lead Actress: ATWT’s Maura West has my vote and always will. Like David Canary, she places her character all the way at the edge of unforgivable and then pulls her back so you just have to root for her.

Supporting Actor: Has to go to ATWT’s Trent Dawson. Trent is a scene stealer. I don’t care who he’s with, he delivers the funny lines and at the same time his sympathy for his friends is unbeatable.

Supporting Actress:
ATWT’s Kelley Menhigan Hensley had two really great storylines in 2007 – she rescued on-screen sister Alison from a methamphetamine addiction and a career in porn and then she fell in love with Dusty Donovan. To top that off, she was betrayed by her sister and her lover and ran screaming from town to recover. What could be better than that?

Younger Actor: This has to go to ATWT’s Van Hansis! The Luke/Noah gay storyline has been talked about so much in the past year, even outside of soaps. I believe all that talk is well warranted. Both Van and Jake (Silbermann, Noah) deserve all the accolades because they make the characters of Luke and Noah lovable. You just have to root for them!

Younger Actress: My pick for this one wasn’t on the list this year and I really think she should have been. AMC’s Ambyr Childers, who played Colby Chandler, did a bang up job in 2007. When Colby first appeared in Pine Valley no one – not the fans and certainly not her on-screen family liked her. Ambyr, however, pulled Colby back from being an in your-face spoiled brat to being an understandable – yet still misunderstood – soap teen. Plus, she helped Krystal deliver baby Jenny.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be bringing you our third set of Emmy Predications tomorrow! In the meantime, you can view Part 1 of our predications Here!