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Every year the soap stars, soap fans and soap writers like to predict who will be nominated for a Daytime Emmy and then predict who will take the big win, come Emmy night. This year, is participating in predictions. While many of the actors and crew deserve recognition for their outstanding work in soaps, there can only be one winner of every group. We don’t pretend that everyone is outstanding, but we also don’t believe in bashing those who made the grade when we may not have agreed with it. While we do this in fun, we secretly all hope that our favorite actors, actresses, show crews and shows will win the glory.

To start of our first series of Writers’ Emmy Predictions, here’s what Days of Our Lives Writer and Editor-In-Chief Christine Fix and her Assistant, and One Life to Live Writer, Amy Mistretta had to say…

Chiming in first, Christine Fix, (Editor-in-Chief) talks about her predictions… Days of Our Lives struck gold this year, in regards to Emmy nominations. After not taking any acting nominations in the past few years, I’m happy that this year has changed and I think Days is going to take home the Emmy, not only for outstanding achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling – look at all of the other soaps and tell me that Days doesn’t deserve this – no offense – but they rock! If I could, I’d give them an Emmy for outstanding achievement in wardrobe planning, too!

The show received four acting nominations. Thaao Penghlis (Tony DiMera/Andre DiMera) received an Outstanding Lead Actor nomination and I felt it was well deserved. Playing the duo roles of cousins, Tony and Andre had to be a challenge. The storyline gave Thaao the opportunity to shine a little more, and I really think this nomination could turn to a win – but, he’s up against some other great talent, that I also feel is deserving! I admit my surprise over Darin Brooks’ nomination for Outstanding Younger Actor, only because the storyline didn’t really give him much to work with. “Touch the Sky” storyline was a dreadful bore, and he wasn’t used for much more. Not his fault, but he did well with his angry boyfriend routine on the plane, defending Stephanie’s honor! Of course I could be wrong… it’s known to happen, but I don’t see him taking younger actor this year. Next year I expect he’ll get another shot at a nomination, with the way he’s burning up the screen with his new storyline. I won’t give anything away, but this is a good year for the actor! I feel that Van Hansis, Luke on As the World Turns had a great storyline created for him last year and since it was a bit of a groundbreaking storyline, putting a gay couple on canvas, very gutsy, very progressive and enjoyable to watch, I think he will take home the gold! As for Rachel Melvin, who portrays Chelsea, our bad girl turned good, she’s got a lot of talent and shined last year with the kidnapping storyline, though it was botched and here and gone in a blink of an eye, she made it worth watching. She did well with the whole campus rapist storyline. I thought she was burned the year previous, with the whole devastation surrounding the death of her little brother, Zach, but we won’t go there! This year the competition is tough, with Emily O’Brien, who plays Jana, one of my absolute favorite actresses on The Young and the Restless. I’m very torn about this and will be happy to see either one win! Even though there are plenty of actresses who deserved recognition for the Supporting Actress Nomination, especially Tracey E. Bregman, who plays Lauren on Young and The Restless, I’ll just come out and say, Judi Evans deserves the Emmy! Bonnie and Adrienne, though not on canvas anymore, are two vastly different characters that she did justice to. Her involvement in ex-husband’s death made for some emotional last scenes from Bonnie, and again, with Adrienne’s selfless help of then institutionalized brother, Steve, played by Stephen Nichols, (who also had a fantastic year).