Updated on June 16, 2008:

The preliminary voting for the Second Annual Soaps.com Sudzies have been tallied up and now we need you to vote on your favorites in our final ballot! The final ballot opens today and commences immediately, until June 19, 2008!

Don’t wait! Vote Now!

Previously Reported on May 28, 2008:

With the Emmy’s creeping upon us, Soaps.com is happy to bring our readers our Second Annual Sudzies Awards! During the nomination process, fans will be able to vote for their favorite shows and actors in a variety of categories as way to recognize many of 2007’s soap highlights!

Although there are numerous avenues for fans to show their support, we wanted to be able to give ours readers an outlet to let their voices be heard – even if it is just amongst our Soaps.com community!

How will this year’s Sudzies unfold?

Soaps.com has created a list of categories to honor the best of daytime for all nine of our current soaps and will keep polls open for a month, giving readers plenty of time to make their mark on the event! Once the polls are closed, our staff will tally up the votes and create a master ballot, which will be accessed through our Sudzies banner on the Homepage of Soaps.com! Visitors will then have one last opportunity to cast their final vote before the poll again closes in order for us to determine the winners in each category.

Why vote?

Just for fun! This is simply a way for daytime fans to nominate their favorite stars!

How to vote:

Please write the name of the character/actor, along with the show name, in the text box for each question.

Here’s the link you’ll need to direct you to voting:

Sudzies Voting

Keep in mind, all votes are to be cast for actors who have taken part in storylines from January 2007 to December 2007. All readers are invited to vote in our final ballot of the ‘Sudzies’. Voting commences from Wednesday, May 28, 2008 and runs until Wednesday, June 11, 2008. You’ll only be allowed one vote, and we will post the results in our Latest News section of the main page of Soaps.com, once scores have been tabulated. So don’t wait! Be sure to vote in each category and/or show in order to contribute to the outcome for the master ballot!

The categories go as follows…

Best Dramatic Series
Best Actor in a Dramatic Series
Best Actress in a Dramatic Series
Best Young Actor in a Dramatic Series
Best Young Actress in a Dramatic Series
Best Supporting Actor in a Dramatic Series
Best Supporting Actress in a Dramatic Series
Hottest Actress in a Daytime Series
Hottest Actor in a Dramatic Series
Most Annoying Character in a Dramatic Series
Best On Screen Couple
Worst On Screen Couple

With the huge response we had from last year’s Sudzies, this year’s is sure to be another great hit! As a reminder, please don’t use the comments area below as a place to vote. Any votes posted here will not be counted. Rather use the link provided above, and below, to show your support for your favorite daytime drama!

Let the voting begin!