With all the writers back to work and things in Hollywood finally settling down after the writers strike contract became official on February 26, 2008, we are very happy to report that Lowell Peterson has just been given an executive director’s position with the Writers Guild of America, East!

Prior to joining the WGA East, Mr. Peterson was a partner and worked for the law firm of Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein since 1995. Having specialized in all sides of labor laws, including defending unions from attacks on organizing and other activities, he worked alongside the AFL-CIO, UAW, Communications Workers of America, NABET, and Laborers unions – just to name a few. He also represented the laid off employees surrounding the Enron and WorldCom bankruptcies and won millions for severance pay.

Labeled as a strong union man who is sure to be committed to making the WGA union the strongest it can be, Mr. Peterson will take over for Mona Mangan who has recently retired from her longtime position with the WGA East.

Soaps.com wants to extend our congratulations to Lowell Peterson on his new position! Although talk of an actor’s strike has been looming within Hollywood, there hasn’t been any official word that things will come to that. Stay tuned, as we’ll keep you posted on all the late breaking news as it comes!