Grant Aleksander (CBS) wants to know what our readers think about their favorite soaps. Like you, we’re fans of the daytime dramas and we think that your opinions should be important to the powers that be! Tuesday April 29, 2008, we asked fans of all 9 soaps, “Who would you want to see return to your favorite soap?”

In our message boards, we read a lot of discussions from posters wishing that their favorite past characters/actors would make a return, even years after they’ve been gone from the show, even after they’ve been killed off and yes, we miss them even in death.

We asked you all to participate in our poll and we have to say that the results, for the most part didn’t surprise us. How about you?

We asked who you’d like to see return to All My Children and the majority of votes pointed toward Leo du Pres, who originated the role of Josh Duhamel, who we all saw from 1999 – 2002. He fell to his death at that point, but he’s still very much missed. Hey, we are talking about soaps here. It could happen! Our second place runner up for the show is Jenny Gardner, who was portrayed by Kim Delaney. Jenny was a part of a highschool supercouple ‘Greg and Jenny’, in the early 1980s. Last we saw Jenny, she was a ghostly apparition. It’s been years, and years and we’re not exactly surprised that the fans chose her. Soap fans are notorious for being loyal to their favorite supercouple, even when both parties have passed on.

We asked, “Who would you like to see return to As the World Turns the most?” This poll was unusual, since the winner of the vote is already a part of the cast. We’ll explain. Lucinda Walsh, played by Elizabeth Hubbard, used to be one of the main characters we loved and sometimes loved to hate, in Oakdale. Lucinda is a popular character, but has been pushed to the back burner. Though we’ve no idea why and we assume nothing, we still miss her presence, so we included her in our poll and she won! Second runner up is Craig Montgomery, played recently by Scott Bryce, who originated the role back in 1982. What can we say about Craig? We love him, we hate him, we love him again….and now he’s gone, after reprising his role only the year previous, and we miss this devious devil!

Next in line, we asked fans of The Bold and the Beautiful, “Who would you like to see return to the show the most?” We had a tie! Both Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) and Macy Forrester (Bobbi Eakes) share the number one spot. Deacon was around B&B from 2000 to 2005. Even though he was a manipulator and part of one of the many the incestuous relationships that happen on this top rated show, (Having a relationship with Bridget Forrester and an affair, resulting in a child, with Bridget’s mother, Brooke … Oh my!) Deacon is a fan favorite! He’s been entangled romantically with most of the female population; he left town, a broken hearted man. Macy, on the other hand, was loved by all. Incidentally, she was also married to Deacon, who was a fellow recovering alcoholic at one point. But let’s back up a little. Bobbi Eakes originated this role in 1989. She returned on and off to the show, trying to find love and peace with Thorne Forrester and constantly having to prove herself worthy to the Forresters, who figured she was just like her mother, Forrester adversary, Sally Spectra. Of course as time went by, Macy went through all of the normal soap opera twists and turns, suffering a fatal car accident, returning from being presumed dead, turning to the bottle after husband Grant passed away from cancer, and having a chandelier fall on her, causing her severe injury and coma and eventually ‘death’. You know… the usual!

Moving on, we asked you who you wanted to see return to Days of Our Lives the most, and you were loud and clear… You miss Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel) & Ivan Marais (Ivan G’Vera) the most! We added them as a pair, because you simply can’t have one, without the other! We saw Viv in 1992. Ivan was her sidekick who hung on her every word. Vivian Alamain always had something up her sleeve. Charged for kidnapping, suspected of foul play in the death of nephew Lawrence’s fling, Lisanne, she lied, manipulated and then some! We miss that and we miss this duo, who provided a comical relief that we’ve never seen since, despite some pretty fun-loving characters we’ve seen. The other most missed character from Days is Shawn Brady, played by Jason Cook. Fans miss this cutie, who left the show when his contract expired in 2006. He was and still remains one popular character! Shawn Brady and Belle Black were childhood sweethearts who, long after the original portrayers, Jason Cook and Kirsten Storms left, married and had baby Claire. Shawn is the son of supercouple, Bo and Hope. After falling for Belle in high school, he helped out classmate, Jan Spears cover up a pregnancy as a result of a rape, by claiming the baby was his. This put things on hold with Belle and ruined their relationship for some time to come. Eventually, the truth came out and Belle and Shawn had other issues involving Belle lying for her mother, Marlena, who was the Salem Stalker. By the time the two were ready to reconcile, Shawn was held captive by nutter, Jan Spears, and once he was freed, Belle had already fallen into Philip Kirakis’s arms, thinking Shawn left her for good. Many ups and downs would come for the couple, and Shawn would fall for and marry Mimi. During their tumultuous relationship, Jason left the show and Brandon Beemer took over. ‘Shelle’ did get together and rode off into the sunset, thankfully, for the fans, but it was a long road until this happened and some fans still preferred Cook’s Shawn Brady.

We enter Port Charles, and ask fans who they would like to see return to General Hospital the most? While we’re finishing up the subject of Jason Cook, fans should be happy to know that he is coming to Port Charles and will be working closely with Maxie (who played Belle Black for years!). That being said, I think we can all guess who was ‘nominated’ as most wanted to return to GH… Laura Spencer (Genie Francis)! Laura was one half of the very first supercouple, “Luke and Laura”. Life was anything but dull for Laura, who originally thought her parents were Jason and Barbara Vining. It turns out that Dr. Lesley Williams was her mother, but Laura was believed to have died at birth. As a teen, she accidentally killed David Hamilton when he told her that he loved her mother, not her. She was raped by none other than the man she’d eventually fall in love with, Luke Spencer, in 1979, she was arrested but found not guilty for the death of Theresa Carter, she had a mental breakdown and suffered catatonia and we’ve since seen her for a brief few months until she slipped away from us again in 2007, but not before renewing her wedding vows with Luke, in a wedding reminiscent of their first! She’s an all time favorite and we think that hands down, every GH would love a Laura return. A permanent one! Brenda Barrett, who played Vanessa Marcil, is our second runner up of who fans would like to see back on GH most! Rumors are abundant about a possible return and have been for a year now! Marcil originated the role in 1992 but wasn’t always on canvas. We saw her through her marriage to Jasper and Jason, we were there for her fling with Sonny, we cried as she suffered a mental breakdown during a photo shoot and was found guilty for the murder of Alcazar. Of course, we all know how that ended up with her innocence! Brenda’s spark catches us and though the show may not have a place for her, we can safely say that almost everyone who has seen her in action would love to see her return, even briefly! I mean, we want to know what she’s been up to in Europe all these years!