By now, many of you have noticed that we have a trivia banner on the left side of all pages. If you haven’t already tried your hand at our FREE Soap Opera Trivia Challenge, sit back while we walk you through the fun!

After clicking on the banner, you’ll be asked to enter your name in order to continue. Keep in mind, you also have the option of turning off the music, in the bottom right-hand corner, if the jingle doesn’t suit your daily jive.

Next, you’ll see an area where you can Learn How To Play. For those who want to jump right in, feel free to go ahead and choose what soap you’d like to be tested on. The faster you submit your answers the more points you’ll get! Okay, get ready, set, go!

In Round One you’ll be addressed with ten questions – some you’ll need to fill in the blanks, others you’ll have a multiple choice option. You can also skip a question by clicking Skip anytime. After you’ve made it through the first round, your points earned will appear! You’ll then go through three rounds until you hit the Bonus Bubble Round! So get your clicker ready, as you’ll be asked to click as many soap bubbles as you can! The last round will be Round Five where you’ll have one final question to answer before receiving your final soapy score – you’ll see where your score ranked with others who have played the game as well!

Anytime you want to quit and try your hand at another soap, just click the Back to Menu button in the top left-hand corner. This game is perfect to pass the time while you’re waiting for us to bring you the latest Late Breaking News! hopes all of our readers have a blast with our new Soap Opera Trivia Challenge game! Enjoy!