Eric Martsolf & wife Lisa (Christine Fix,

Cards, flowers, massages, candies, apple pies… What do you usually do to honor your Mother on “Mother’s Day”? Do you ignore it, do you go out of your way to take her to brunch and have her house cleaned for her, or do you think commercialized holidays are a farce?

Either way, it can never be a bad thing to tell someone that you love them. Commercialized holidays can be wonderful reminders to those who do forget to honor that special someone those other 364 days a year.
What do you honor your mother for? Even those who have challenging relationships with their parents must admit that they’re appreciative of their Mother for giving them the gift of life! spoke with the daytime stars about how they feel about Mother’s Day, what they’ve done in the past to celebrate this day, if anything and what their plans are for this coming Sunday May 11 2008. reporter and writer, Lori Wilson, spoke with Colleen Zenk Pinter, (Barbara, As the World Turns) recently, and they got into the discussion of Mother’s Day. Lori asked her how she spends the day.

Colleen replied, “The tradition on Mother’s Day is that my children let mom stay in bed and bring me breakfast in bed and they bring me Mother’s Day presents and they all sit on my bed and watch me eat. And then after they watch me eat, sitting on the bed with mommy, then I open my cards and my Mother’s Day presents and then I get up and have to clean up the kitchen!”

Lori asked Eric Martsolf, (Ethan Crane, Passions) what he was going to do for his wife on Mother’s Day.

Eric jokes, “Put her to work! Make her clean the kitchen! No, I’m going to take her out. Me and the twins are going to take her to dinner. I’m actually researching places to take her alone because her birthday is actually five days before Mother’s Day so we’re going to do something fun. I’m not quite sure. Probably a little romantic evening and then we’ll take the boys somewhere and just go nuts somewhere.”

Kristi Knight, All My Children and As the World Turns writer spoke with Chrishell Stause (Amanda, AMC) and asked if Chrishell wouldn’t mind sharing her favorite memory of the holiday.

Chrishell says, “I think. . .Well, Mother’s Day is the number one day for restaurants, did you know that? (Editor’s note: This is a fact!) So, I remember just going out with the family and having a meal. We would honor her and it’s a tough job. I know I wasn’t easy to raise. I was a little hellion; she had to put up with a lot from me.”