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Whenever we open our mail here at, we always look forward to what our readers have to say about their favorite shows, characters and storylines. And what fun would it be if we didn’t share those views with everyone? So, grab a cup of coffee and sit back while we open up our mailbag. Feel free to leave your comments below. Whether you agree or disagree with your fellow soap fans, we look forward to your opinions!

All My Children

Love it: Donna W.: I love Carmen…. looks like this could be a great storyline. She and Erica work great together.

Love it: Martha C.: Please bring back Dixie someway to stay and let her and Tad know about Kathy being Kate. Crystal will never love Tad – she will always love Adam. Tad needs some love in his life the only one for him except Dixie who he will always love, is Julia. I liked them together and she is a mother to Kathy.

Hate it: R.S.: Aidan needs to drop Greenlee like a hot rock. He is too good for her!

Hate it: Ann R.: I have watched this show since Erica was a teenager. Now I see more Porn and half dressed males and females and loss of storylines. How long is this dumb thing with Ryan going to last. I love Ryan, but for God sake get this over with.

Lovin’ Zach:

Love it: Vickie L.: Please don’t mess with Zack & Kendal you finally got this one right!

Hate it: Kathy J.: I love AMC but when I see what’s coming up on other soaps they show such intimate moments… they’re in bed, making love, just being intimate. What else can I say? In that area AMC is very dry. Can the characters get more intimate and show more of the love they say they have for each other? That is the only problem. I LOVE the show and ZACH.

As the World Turns

Love it: Rachel P.: I have been watching this show since I was younger and I’m 36 and have loved this show and I think it has been a great soap!

All About Katie!

Love it: Rachel P.: I was just hoping that Brad and Katie get together and Mike leaves them alone. Brad has tried so hard to get her and I sure hope he does. He is such a handsome guy! If I were on soaps I would be after him!

Love it: Nina G.: I hope Katie gets back with Mike. I don’t want her to marry brad.

Hate it: Maxie K.: I am so unhappy that they let Gwen [Jennifer] go after she won two Emmys for the show. I will miss her. I am unhappy that they have Carly going after Jack, when he should be with Katie.

Hate it: Rachel B.: Please don’t break up Katie and Brad. They are a great couple and they belong together and he loves her so much. As for Mike… he is handsome like always but he shouldn’t have Katie back because he left and I think him and Meg would make a great couple. Margo has no right trying to tell Katie how to live her life, she has her own.

Hate it: Janice J.: I don’t want to see Katie and Brad together. She needs to be with Jack or Mike

Bold and the Beautiful

Fans Urge B&B Writers to Hear Them!

Love it: Robin D.: Let’s get Stephanie a new man. Give Stephanie someone new in her life, a good looking guy who could put her through hoops and jumping for joy and having all the family agreeing on her new choice.

Love it: Cecilia L.: The Bold and the Beautiful is the best show going with Pam picking on Donna, Ridge not wanting Storm near his employees, and Nick playing the field.

Love it: Suzanne G.: I just love Alley Mills on the Bold & Beautiful! Keep her on. She is GREAT and gives the story some humor, not to mention realistic aspects of how people can act.

Hate it: Rita H.: I can understand people breaking up once in a while for a change in storylines. Eric is sleeping with a girl who could be his daughter. Then there is Brooke… Nick who has 20 women at every port, ARG! Taylor has no backbone or a mind. Can you at least have a couple stay together for at least one month? Some viewers like a strong couple foundation. Eric and Stephanie would be great. Let Eric come to his senses and realize she is his only love. I realize this is a soap opera, but this is sick and unrealistic for a soap!

Hate it: Vicki E.: I don’t waste my time watching The Bold and The Beautiful anymore. It’s definitely not worth it when I can spend a couple minutes reading about the stupid storyline on this website. I can’t believe that they can’t get a reasonable story to tell that doesn’t involve people getting involved with someone young enough to be their child or better yet grandchild.

Hate it: Sandra E.: Why can’t the Bold and Beautiful be on CBS for an hour on TV. Why 30 minutes? We don’t see but 15 or 20 minutes of the show.

Days of Our Lives

Love it: Christine M.: I think Chelsea and Dr. Jonas should be a couple. They would be like the next Bo and Hope! They belong together. Forget about Nick.

Writing is Spectacular!

Love it: Heather S.: This soap is the best!

Love it: Mary Anne M.: I have enjoyed “Days” for about 26 years. I have to say that the past week (March 31 – April 4) the shows were spectacular. If the writing wasn’t meant to be comedic, it certainly was. My husband (who originally got me interested in Days) and I thoroughly enjoyed the various scenes. I love when they do parallels – as this week’s at the Kirikias mansion and the DiMera mansion. What a hoot! I hope they keep up this type of writing. In the past few months, the storyline and writing has gotten much better. Show had been very stale for a long time.

Hate it: Judy M.: Bring John back in the role he is playing. This one is totally out of character. I have watched your show since the very beginning and seen many changes since 1965. But if you don’t make things interesting I’m changing channels.

Not Diggin’ the Hostage Storyline or Writing!

Hate it: Mimi S.: This Ava thing that is going on… She is holding two police people hostage… Even if she is mafia, this is crazy, and going on too long.

Hate it: Claudia S.: The storyline is not believable. In over 35 years of watching, this season is not measuring up to reality. Nicole was arrested for the attempted murder of Victor and yet is allowed to stay in his home, according to her lawyer EJ. Is Victor senile? Now you have Hope bleeding due to a gunshot wound while being held hostage by a delusional psychotic. Ava’s father must also be insane to have only two cousins watching her and no one else on the premises, except guard dogs. This is not entertaining nor is it good writing. Perhaps it is time for some new fresh writers on D.O.O.L. I will add that the plot about John and Victor is appealing, but wonder how Victor could have this much wealth and not know the LAW. Why didn’t he divorce Nicole when she attempted to kill him? Was this deliberate by the writers – to leave an opening for the Days lush? Thank you for all the previous episodes that was exciting. This new Nicole/Ava twist is blah.

General Hospital

Love it: Diane C.: I can’t not believe what I just came across! Jason was on that TV show “Out of This World.” He was so young! I found a video on you-tube… just thought I’d share that with you!

Love it: Hilda W.: How about letting Jason become his own man and give up the mob life? Have him regain his memory and become a doctor. I hope Jason and Elizabeth will get married and to heck with what Carly thinks about it. She tries to run Jason’s life and I hope he will tell her to go fly a kite! I hope Jax will leave Carly and find someone who will appreciate him. Let Carly and Sonny get back together, as they deserve each other. No one else should have to put up with either one of them. I hope someday Ted King will return as a good guy. Keep up the good work. General Hospital is the only soap I watch. It’s the only one for me.

Love it: Mary W.: Please somehow work it out for Carly and Sonny to go back together and put Jason with Robin.

Hate it: Maria G. We love Sonny and if he leaves it won’t be the same. Why can’t you get rid of Claudia and her brother? I am sure they won’t be missed! Oh! Don’t forget their dad and Ric’s dad too.

Don’t Kill off Micheal!

Hate it: Annie G.: Don’t kill Michael off the show. You will not let Liz and Jason do anything, now you want to get rid of Michael. Do you care anything about what your fans want? I am about ready to look at something else.

Hate it: Lashanda B.: I don’t think you should kill off Michael. I think he will be a good asset to the show as time goes on and we all ready lost too many. I want be able to still watch this. I stop looking at all the soaps; please don’t do this to the people. We love G.H