Credit: Ricky Paull Goldin (CBS)

All My Children

Jean C. asks: I don’t have access very often to the Internet and I still don’t know what happened to the original Babe and Jamie. Please inform me. I really liked them playing the characters. I believe they are married in real life. Thanks! You’re right, Alexa (Babe) and Justin (Jamie) are indeed married in real-life! Since ABC doesn’t comment on actor contracts, we may never know why the actors left the show. However, they have stated in interviews that it was simply time to move on. In any case, we miss them and wish both the best!

As the World Turns

Louise W. asks: I’ve been watching As the World Turns for a long time. Can you tell me again how Carly Gwen & Roseann are sisters? Sure! Carly, Gwen and Roseann all have the same father – Ray Tenney, who is now deceased.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberly M. asks: I want to join your fan club! Do you think you will ever stay on the air longer than 30 minutes each day? This is the only soap opera I watch. You should be on for an hour! To join B&B’s fan club, just visit the show’s Official Website for all the details! We don’t know if the show will air longer than the 30 minutes, sorry.

Days of Our Lives

Sandi P. asks: I noticed Kyle Lowder is not listed with the other actors. Could you tell me why? Is there a chance he will be returning as Brady Black? We only include past and present contract, or recurring, characters in our Days Cast List who have been on the show since our site was created, in 2006. As for Kyle… He currently is listed on our Bold and Beautiful section of as he plays on the show as Rick Forrester. We have heard he is happy with Bold and Beautiful, but if we hear anything different, we will write about it in the Days Comings and Goings page, where we post all Days latest in casting news!

General Hospital

Angie R. asks: Could you please inform us of what Lucy Cole’s pet duck’s name is on General Hospital? Sure Angie! Her duck’s name is Sigmund.