Credit: Steve Burton (Jason GH) (ABC)

It’s that time again… time for to open our mailbag – the one that lets the readers’ voices be heard by all! Good or bad, we always love to hear what our readers are thinking about the current soap storylines and/or characters, casting news and especially how they are enjoying themselves here on our website…

Beckett D: Thank you again for creating this wonderful website. It’s so easy to navigate especially the message boards. This is great. Keep up the great work!!

Rebecca D.: This is a great website. I was visiting another but now that I found I will only be visiting you from now on! Thank you!

Lisa S.: I love the web site. I am on it everyday.

Ellen W.: I love this web site.

Jessica C.: I love this site! It is the only one I use and it has the BEST info!

Lauren D.: Thank you for a wonderful website! I visit it everyday on the Young and the Restless!

Brandy H.: Thanks for a great site, I read it every day!

Jan B.: I visited your site for the first time today. It has a lot of great information!

Thanks Beckett, Rebecca, Lisa, Ellen, Jessica, Lauren, Jan and Brandy! We’re glad to have you on as well! Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and see what all of our other fabulous readers had to say about their favorite soaps…

All My Children

Love it: Brendel S.: Thank you very much for bringing Jesse back from the dead. I have watched All My Children since I was a little girl with my mother. After college, I also watched, I married and had my children watching All My Children. My children are grown and were devoted fans also. True, the cast changed, but when the cast changed to having an occasional African American and when Greenlee left too, we stopped watching. It lacked what the real world looks like. I am a 60+ African American and pleased with my favorite soap again. My working daughters and niece are now calling again or viewing it after work. It is great to see Opal and the seasoned cast again. THANKS

Love it: Gillian W.: I have been watching All My Children for quite a long time, but in this past week the lighting has been great. I am able to see the features and expressions of the characters much clearer than in the past. Thanks for whatever you’ve done to improve the lighting.

Love it: Juanitz C.: I just wanted to let you know that All My Children is the greatest show on TV!

Hate it: Denise K.: What on earth are they thinking sticking Kendall in this ridiculous “Love Triangle”! Why is it all about how wanted and wonderful she is? Ryan, Zack, and Aidan! She needs to get a good “bop in the head” as she knows better and has finally gotten her family and little Spike to hear now. And the book deal, come one… so sick of her “Queen mousiness”. She is no Erica by any means!

Hate it: Patricia B.: It is time Ryan gave up the disguise of having a memory loss of 4 years. It is getting sickening. He was fine when he got grazed on the side of the head. He was up and around real fast then all of the sudden amnesia sets in. Well, Annie, hit him over the head with your purse – his memory will come back then! And when it does, discard him like he is doing to you!

Hate it: Hampy Wilson: I think Babe should see the real Richie for who he is.

As the World Turns

Love it: Elisha P.: I have always wondered why Oakdale, Ill? I grew up in between Pinckneyville, Ill. and Oakdale, Ill. It was just right up the road, so of course I’m a devoted fan! I live for 1:00 PM when you all come on. Keep the drama coming and please bring Craig back!

Love it: Christina W.: Jack & Carly are awesome together! They are what keep me watching As The World Turns! Please put them back together!

Love it: Clayton D.: I think Luke and Noah are the hottest gay couple on television!

Hate it: Sue S.: The show would be better if they got rid of the Brad, Matt, Stacey, Sofie and Vienna – and Margo, she just falls for anything Matt and Stacey tell her.

Hate it: Barbara J.: I can’t remember when I’ve been this tired of a character on ATWT. The character of Carly is just old and needs to move on or off. All she does is whine and I don’t even find her entertaining any longer. Please get her to move on or go away.

Hate it: Jean D.: Your writer have ruined a show that I have enjoyed and watched for years. Two of the best actors, Craig & Dusty are gone and I’m sick of Carly & her behavior… it’s boring. The show is stupid & not worth my time. Believe me I’m not a writer but I think I could do better.

Bold and the Beautiful

Love it: S.T. M.: Hey, it’s time for Massimo to return!

Love it: Lisa P.: Please get Brooke and Nick together and send Ridge packing. Do something with Bridget – send her to the moon. And Taylor… she got what she deserved. Brooke and Nick are the hit of the show!

Love it: Elisabeth S.: I miss Lorenzo as Hector… He stole my heart)!

Hate it: Sueann H.: Do the writers read the posts that viewers say? We are sure that there could have been a better way to handle a few of the storylines. It seems that they keep recycling the same things over and over again. Why? Are there not other actors on this show? Why do you have to use the same people over and over again? Some of the storylines are just so over the top and unbelievable. There is not one person or couple on this show who is actually happy.

Hate it: Carmen G.: Does the family tree on this show only go straight up? Brooke has been with and has taken every man on this show including her son in-law, has had children with most of the men in one family and yet is still regarded as innocent on this show. I’m waiting for her to have feelings for her brother and then find out that he was adopted and they then can start a relationship. Really, writers, can we not splurge and add a character out of the family to join this show.

Hate it: Sheri L.: The Bold and the Beautiful needs to be 1 hour long!