Yes, you heard it right! Not only will you get your daily fix of soaps on the popular soap channel, SoapNet, but now hockey fans will get a chance to get enthralled in a soap surrounding the sport!

Although the primetime soap first premiered on Canada’s CBC station, on January 11, 2008, it was recently cancelled on March 7, 2008 – with its season finale airing on March 11, 2008. However, SoapNet has just agreed to open a primetime slot to showcase the Toronto-based soap for their viewers! For ten weeks, starting on June 19, 2008, fans can tune in every Thursday night at 11:00 PM to get a glimpse into the lives of some die-hard hockey players and their wives as they go about their days and nights living the dream – and all that fame brings with it!

What’s extra exciting is that since the show was short-lived in Canada, SoapNet will bring it to its viewers from the very beginning, so you won’t have to pick up where the show left off! Brian Frons, president of daytime at Disney-ABC’s Television Group knew the show would be a perfect fit for the current SoapNet line-up and couldn’t pass up a chance to make a deal! As an added bonus for you Canadian residents who didn’t tune into MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives before its cancellation, the CBC plans to re-run the primetime soap simultaneously to its debut on SoapNet!

So tune in as the cast to include Lucas Bryant (Gabe McCall), Dillon Casey (Trevor Lemonde), Matthew Bennett (Malcolm LeBlanc), Peter Miller (Damon Trebuchet), Kristin Booth (Connie), Anastasia Phillips (Tabbi), Deborah Odell (Evelyn McBride), Natalie Krill (Molly McBride) and Olivia Waldriff (Grace Morris) takes you on a whirlwind ride through the day in the life of MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives! wants to wish all of those who are involved in this new venture the best of luck! We hope this first season goes off without a hitch and in turn with a possibility for a second season to come!