Although official word that the Writer’s Strike had ended back on February 27, 2008, the Writers Guild of America East has just filed an arbitration case against ABC and Corday Productions citing that violations have been made in regards to the strike termination agreement!

Apparently, ABC and Corday Productions are being accused of going against the terms of the strike termination agreement by retaining their replacement workers for both All My Children and Days of Our Lives – and not allowing those writers who were on strike to return to their previous positions! As per the Agreement, which was entered by all parties on February 11, 2008, any and all writers obtained during the strike are not to hold the positions of those who are willing to return to their pre-strike positions.

The charge made by the WGA East claims the writers are being denied their positions on the two ABC and NBC soaps stated above – and the positions are still being held by writers who were recruited during the one hundred day Writer’s Guild Strike!

Feeling they have no other choice but to fight for their writers – and for their rights under the agreement – the WGA East is giving ABC and Corday Productions ten days to respond and agree on an arbitrator to hear the case. will keep you posted as this story develops!