Cats aren’t the only ones with nine lives!

Dying and coming back to life is such a natural occurrence on soap operas. We’ve a compilation of the most memorable characters that have come back to life more than once.

Philip Chancellor III:
One of the biggest shockers in the history of “The Young and the Restless” was the time that Philip Chancellor left Genoa City, leaving his family, wife and child to believe he had perished in an automobile accident. When he returned to town, he revealed the reason he stayed away was that he was ashamed to let his family know that he’s gay.

Lucky Spencer:
For almost a year, everyone thought Lucky Spencer was dead after his body was found following a large fire. It turned out that Helena Cassadine hired Cesar Faison to kidnap Lucky and program him using mind control. It was his love for Elizabeth that got him through the dark days and he eventually returned to Port Charles.

Sheila Carter:
After stealing Lauren Fenmore’s baby on “The Young and the Restless,” Sheila held Lauren and her own mother captive in a cabin. During the rescue, everyone thought Sheila died in a fire but she crossed over to wreaked havoc on the “Bold and Beautiful” before returning to Genoa City to terrorize and kidnap Lauren. Again. When Paul Williams and Michael Baldwin finally got Lauren back, Sheila escaped only to return a year later after having plastic surgery to look like Phyllis Summers in her attempt to steal Lauren’s baby, Fenmore. Paul caught Sheila in her own trap and she ended up dying…but does Sheila ever really die?

Victor Newman:
A man who will never die in his business life also seems like he’d never die, period. Over a decade ago, after Jack took Nikki away from Victor, he ended up in Kansas, where his family thought he died. He came back to Genoa City stronger than ever. A few years ago, after he lost his young wife, Sabrina, in a car accident, he set out to Mexico to find the mobster that killed her. It was in Mexico that he was presumed dead at sea. Of course Victor returned to Genoa City healthy as a horse. The resilient Black Knight always comes back for more…“You got that?!”

Stefano DiMera:
Stefano DiMera is notorious for dying and coming back to life repeatedly. He is truly the phoenix that rises from the ashes, returning from a stroke, car crash in the Salem harbor, getting shot by Marlena Evans, a car explosion, drowning, plane explosion, blown up and buried under a collapsing tunnel… One time, we even saw his decayed corpse, yet Stefano came back to life, wearing his trusty Phoenix ring, until Hope Brady shot him in the chest three times in 2016 and he was supposedly truly dead.

The Salem Stalker and Melaswen Island:
This plot saw half of the citizens of Salem killed off by a serial killer. It started out as an edge-of-your-seat whodunit, with characters succumbing to horrid deaths, like Tony DiMera being mauled by a tiger, or Alice choking on her own homemade donuts. Eventually, it appeared that Marlena Evans was the stalker but it was soon revealed that all the “dead” characters were actually put on Melaswen Island (New Salem), an exact tropical replica of Salem that was created by Andre DiMera.

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Originally posted by Rolla Bahsous April 21, 2011, refreshed by Christine Fix July 19, 2016.