Tell exactly when Daytime was at the top of its game!

Alina Adams wrote the New York Times-best-selling book, “As The World Turns” and “Guiding Light” tie-in novels, “Oakdale Confidential,” “The Man From Oakdale,” and “Jonathan’s Story.” reviewed “The Man From Oakdale,” and read and enjoyed “Oakdale Confidential,” and now we’re asking you to help the author, whose newest project is entitled, “Soap Opera 451: A Time Capsule of Daytime Drama’s Greatest Moments.” Alina Adams is asking that you leave a comment below, answering the following question: “Which one moment from the past seventy-five years of broadcasting would you pick to demonstrate Daytime drama at the very top of its game?”

Whether it was hard-hitting, touching, and relatable, exciting adventurous and highly dramatic, or sweet, romantic and sexy, we want to hear all about it. Please include the name of the soap opera and details and of course, include all defunct soap operas in your answers. Alina asks, “I would like to get as much diverse fan input as possible.”

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