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Recently our writers delivered you a segment titled Bad boys vs. Good boys on Soaps. Soapland vs. Reality! Since we had no problem ranting and raving about the guys who make daytime drama a little nicer – and a little more dangerous – it’s only fair that we now shine the spotlight on those ladies who do their part to either corrupt those around them or who try to bring peace throughout the storylines in question!

So get ready to smile while we talk about the niceties displayed by some of soap’s leading ladies but don’t feel bad if your knuckles start to turn white as we rehash some of the darker female characters – and the crimes they’ve gotten away with!

All My Children

The Good, The Bad and the Really, Really Bad of Pine Valley!

Okay, raise your hands, ladies, if your mother ever said, “Good girls don’t (and you can fill in the blank from here).” One, two, fifty-five, two hundred… okay, most of you have your hands raised. What’s the difference between soaps and reality for girls? Well, even good girls can be a little bit bad. Take resident angel Annie McDermott Lavery. Many fans think Annie is a little bit too good to be true. She’s a great mom, she writes fairy tales for her daughter and she co-parents with Kendall Hart Slater (that definitely puts her in angelic company!). So it was refreshing for fans to learn that Annie had a past – complete with sending her brother to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Granted, she wanted him to get psychiatric help, not wind up in an actual prison but still… Bianca Montgomery is another fan favorite and good girl extraordinaire. Bianca is the so-called golden child of the Kane household and sure she has had her run-ins with authority (she once set fire to her Uncle Jack doll, she had some problems with underage drinking and she trashed Erica’s office) but really when faced with bad-girl activities Bianca is downright saintly. She is a recovered anorexic, she was raped and became pregnant – and kept the baby! – and is regularly the voice of reason in the Kane household.

Speaking of the Kane women, no good-girl/bad-girl article would be complete without a mention of the two “bad” Kane’s. Erica Kane is the diva to end all divas, and while she loves her kids and has a lot of fan support, there is no denying that she is a bad girl. Erica’s exploits include kidnapping a baby, many, many, many counts of adultery (and 10+ marriages, too!), faked amnesia, assault, impersonating other women, spending some time behind bars, providing false alibis, kidnapping and a host of other crimes. But we still love Ms. Kane, don’t we fans? She’s a wonderful bad girl and we all wish we would get away with the things she has done! Daughter Kendall has followed in her mother’s footsteps and is another favorite bad girl of Pine Valley. She broke up Ryan’s wedding, locked Greenlee in a tower, locked Bianca in a crypt (are we getting the picture yet?), faked a suicide and kept Emma McDermott’s paternity a secret.

In real life these bad girls would never be forgiven, and let’s face it the good girls wouldn’t have many friends. But in Soapland, these characters give fans a lot to talk about! These are the women we love to hate and in a corner of our minds we wish we could act just as bad!

As the World Turns

Good Girls vs. Bad Girls of Oakdale

The line between good and bad in Oakdale – at least where women are concerned – is a very light grey. Our favorite girls love with all their hearts which can get them into trouble. Take Meg Snyder. She has loved several men, namely Paul Ryan and Dusty Donovan, and the power of her love has led her down a twisted path. She switched paternity results so that Dusty would think she was having his child; she helped Paul hide the paternity of Jennifer’s child – and then had the paternity of her own child hidden from her by Rosanna. Meg’s sister-in-law Lily is very similar. Sure, our resident good girl has had her problems with drug and alcohol abuse and hasn’t had the best luck with men but really, who wouldn’t want to be Lily? She is a great mom, has a successful career and has a host of friends.

While the name “Walsh” may not be synonymous with the word “good” in Oakdale, it is often associated with bad – especially where Lucinda Walsh is concerned. Lucinda clawed her way up in the world of business and didn’t care who she hurt to get what she wanted. She has won and lost her business several times over – and is currently in the no-business column because of Meg and Craig. But, one thing is always certain: Lucinda will do whatever it takes to make Lucinda – and daughter Lily – happy. Recently, Lucinda has had company in the bad-girl department from Carly Tenney. Now, bad-girl Carly is misunderstood. Carly, like the good girls on our list, is controlled by love. Many times, though, that deep love she has – for her kids, for Jack Snyder and for her sisters – has gotten her into trouble. Carly became pregnant – with John Dixon’s help – to get money from Rosanna, she seduced Mike Kasnoff to get revenge on Rosanna, was involved in a hit-and-run with Julia and became a bigamist by marrying Brad Snyder and then Hal Munson while still married to Winston Lowe! Among all the badness, though, Carly has built up several businesses, had three great kids and found the love of her life with Jack Snyder.

So, good girls vs. bad girls: which ones do you identify with? Who would you like to be, even if only for a single day?

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bad girls of Los Angeles vs. Good girls of Los Angeles

The most obvious bad girls on B&B right now are on opposite sides of a man! Donna Logan and Stephanie Forrester are currently adding to their already long lists of reprehensible acts by trying to out-evil one another! Stephanie is blackmailing Donna, and Donna is trying to steal Stephanie’s husband by beating her at her own game. Stephanie and Donna are both willful characters, admired by viewers for defending themselves, their families, and their relationships at any cost! In reality, women like these two might have a handful of devoted admirers, but would probably be too scary for the average man!

Resident good girls are Katie Logan and Bridget Forrester. Katie is still fairly new in town, but so far has spent her time cleaning up messes made by the rest of her family. She began a romance with heartthrob Thorne, but broke up with him promptly when he disappointed her by becoming involved in a plot against her sister.

Long-suffering Bridget Forrester has repeatedly been walked on – even by her own mother, and still comes out loving everyone! She has stepped away from men because they were in love with someone else, and now, this totally unselfish human being is being accused of switching the eggs in the lab on purpose, and has still barely raised her voice at anyone! Katie and Bridget are both beautiful and brainy, but viewers tend to find them a little boring. In reality, men would be knocking down their doors!

Days of Our Lives

Bad girls of Salem vs Good girls of Salem

Kate Roberts is known for butting into her children’s lives. Some would argue that’s not exactly evil but more annoying than anything. Still, Kate has done a few evil deeds other than just peeve off her kids. To name a few, when Franco Kelley was killed by Lucas, Kate framed Sami for the murder. She also hired a hit man and attempted to murder ex-husband, Victor Kiriakis. She set fire to the Kiriakis mansion, almost killing Lucas in the process and in order to stop the marriage to Lucas and Sami, she drugged Sami and Brandon Walker and put them in bed together in order to ensure Lucas caught them and called off the nuptials. Though she’s single, fans want to see her with a man. Any takers? She’s a handful but she loves deeply- protectively! We hear Stefano’s single, but even he is too evil for dear Katie – and is now a vegetable. In reality, she’s more like the stereotypical “Mother-in-law”, or “Wicked Step-mother” yet beautiful and intelligent enough to attract any man in spite of her shenanigans!

Sami Brady-Horton-DiMera was as bad as can be. There was a time when Sami was as evil as Kate. Where to start? An insecure teenager, she tried desperately to seduce her sister’s boyfriend, Austin Reed away from her. She drugged and raped Austin, but had sex with his brother Lucas the same night and pawned son Will off as Austin’s son when he was Lucas’. She lied about Lucas abusing their son Will, and almost murdered EJ Wells. But… Sami has recently blossomed into a respectable, dependable and responsible person! Reality and Soap Reality lines can blur together on this one. She’d be a great catch for any man. Beautiful, and feisty!

Sami vs Kate…. Before the writers re-created Sami, who was the nastiest? You tell us!

Marlena Evans Black, AKA, Angel… (to me) or if your name is Stefano DiMera, Marlena is known as the Queen of the night. Creepy. Marlena is a Psychiatrist, going for Alice’s position of Matriarch and thanks to some creative writing recently; she’s not going to take any guff from anyone anymore. No longer the victim, she is still one of the good girls in this segment and in our eyes, can do no wrong. As a Psychiatrist, she understands human behavior, is loving and forgiving to all and gives good advice to friends and family. Even when she messes up… after all, she is human… she’s still good! Though she lapsed with her good girl behavior when she turned Stefano DiMera into a vegetable last week, she’s still taking notes from Alice Horton to become the next matriarch of Salem. Gorgeous, intelligent, what man wouldn’t want her?