Colin Egglesfield (ABC)

It’s always nice to hear from a fan whose dream has come true through meeting some of their favorite soap stars. Recently, had the pleasure of hearing about one of our reader’s up close and personal experiences when she attended the St. Louis Auto Show!

We knew Becky met both Colin Egglesfield (AMC’s Josh Madden) and Rick Hearst (GH’s Ric Lansing), but we were curious who she most looked forward to meeting at the event. “I wanted to see Colin again,” Becky admitted. “But I always enjoy meeting soap stars who I haven’t met before. I have met Colin twice before, but this was the first time for Rick.”

Isn’t it strange how you feel as though you know the stars just from watching them daily on the soaps? Realizing the actors are in fact very different from their onscreen alter egos, we wondered what Becky learned about each of the guys after meeting them. “I found out how loyal Rick is to his fans, and how much he loves all of them,” Becky said then also added, “Colin was funny.” If she had to describe each guy in five words or less, Becky depicted Rick as, “Loyal to his fans big time!” and Colin as, “Very funny and friendly!”