With every passing week comes more drama in soapland. Some like it, some love it but others totally detest it! Before we get started sharing the thoughts of our readers, let’s begin with what some had to say about their experience visiting our website!

Frances L.: I love to read the daily recaps and comments!

Cindy S.: I love your soap opera page!

Tracy D.: I want to say this is the best site! The recaps are great and always on time!!!

Jessica C.: I just wanted to say how much I love this site! I started working full time about seven months ago and so I couldn’t watch GH anymore. And sometimes things drag on for so long I don’t want to watch. Now I just come on this site daily and can know everything that is going on! Keep up the good work!

L.B.: I like Soaps.com because if I miss a thing I get catch up on it here!

Andrea C.: Thanks so much for the update concerning Bryton on Y&R and his status. I asked you all to find out for me and you came through. Thanks… SOAPS.COM IS THE BEST!

John F.: I enjoy your soaps here. I think you all do a Great Job with the Cast Lists!

Editor’s note: Much appreciated and this feedback will only make us work that much harder for you!

All My Children

Sabine Singh’s Greenlee vs Rebecca Buddig’s Greenlee

Love it: Susan D.: I would have preferred if your soap fans could choose whether we want the former Greenlee back or not. Personally I prefer the present Greenlee. I think you should keep her on. She is doing an incredible job.

Bru C.: Sabine is such a wonderful asset to AMC. I can’t believe that TPTB have let her go.

Veronica C.: I’ve been watching All My Children since Babe and Bianca had their children and I still haven’t got use to this new Babe. I always looked forward to watching the whole Babe and JR story. It’s what’s kept me being a fan all these years.

Fred J.: After reading all the comments about this show, I have decided that the problems are that the writers who spoiled DOOL are now on the way to spoiling AMC. I changed soaps several years ago because DOOL had begun to drag on and on and now that has happened to AMC. And to rudely handle the Greenlee thing has really put a bad taste in my mouth.

Mixed views on Jesse’s return… from the dead!

Lola J.: Congrats AMC for bringing back Jesse and Angie. We need more African Americans on the ABC shows.

Deborah G.: I am 52 years old and I have been watching AMC since I was 17 years old and what I want to know is… How on earth can you bring back Jesse Hubbard when he was killed in the line of police duty many years ago? I could have sworn he was killed off years ago. Please check your facts.

Answer: Deborah, this has been done on many of the soaps for years. Where there is a will, there is a way! This is where your suspension of disbelief will be needed!

As the World Turns

Tara B.: A lot of us that watch the soaps are disabled and single. Would you please let things go smooth for a change and let the couples be happy and show some happiness, people going on family trips… Our lives are sad enough without having to watch it on TV also.

Juanita L.: I have watched “As the World Turns” since I was 14 years old and it’s still my all time favorite.

Denise D.: I love the chemistry between Brad & Katie. I hope you don’t drag this thing out and let them get together. There was no chemistry between Jack & Katie but with Brad….WOW.

Fans upset over Dusty’s on screen murder!

Lucille T.: For the first time in all the years Dusty has been on the show, I really hate to see him leave. I never enjoyed watching him until this last time he returned to Oakdale and he has added so much that I just hate for him to depart. It’s time Kim, Tom and Emily find out just how right Dusty is about Chris. Also, when actors leave who played so long and great roles, I would like to hear them mentioned in the shows every now and then – such as John, Penny, Andy and Frannie.

Sandy G.: Why would ATWT let Grayson McCouch go? He is an incredible actor, so believable, so flexible. I have been watching this show for over 40 years. I am so disappointed. I hope Scott Bryce is not leaving because he too is such a great actor. If the rumors are true I wish them the very best and hope I will be seeing them on the big screen.

Gloria C.: Why in the world would you kill off Dusty? He was one of the best men actors there and how come you didn’t let him live to show everyone that he was right about Chris trying to kill his dad? Bad move taking Dusty off…

Answer: Though we at Soaps.com are deeply saddened that the actor is leaving, it is of his own accord that he goes.

Bold and the Beautiful

Verena O.: When I heard Kyle Lowder as Rick Forrester singing on “The Bold and the Beautiful” I became a fan of him (Kyle as a singer). He has a great voice!

All about Stephanie!

Carol A.: I think that Brooke should blackmail Stephanie with the rape. It was because of her Brooke was raped.

Alicia C.: You have to keep Eric and Donna together. Somebody has to stop Stephanie. This is getting ridiculous. Please don’t break up Eric and Donna. Let the cat out of the bag about the black mail!

Peggy H.: The public has had enough of Stephanie for a while. Can the writers not find anything or anybody else to write about? Her storyline is always the same, mean and wicked and getting boring. Please focus on someone else and something else for the New Year.

Josephine C.: Stephanie has had her time with Eric. It’s time Eric gets a better life. She had Brooke rapped. It’s time she pays. We beg you… don’t let Donna break it off for Stephanie. I believe Stephanie had her sister shoot her anyway, or she did it on her own.

Dale C.: Does Steph always get her way? It is never ending for her. You would think that someone would out smart her.