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Love ‘em, hate ‘em, we all have our favorites… writers got together to bring you our readers some of the candidates for all nine of our favorite soaps! While some have created quite a track record for themselves, good or bad, over the years, others quickly fell into their role as being a soap saint or Satan!

All My Children

Bad boys of Pine Valley vs Good boys of Pine Valley

Adam & JR Chandler

Things don’t get any worse that the father/son combo of Adam and JR Chandler. Adam’s villainy was never worse than Spring of 2007 when he left Krystal – alone and without a phone – to give birth to her baby girl. When Krystal delivered Jenny Adam then plotted to steal – and sell! – the kiddo. It appeared that JR was beginning to follow right in Adam’s footsteps but at the last minute he bailed on his father and turned to step-dad Tad for some fatherly advice. Does that make JR a good guy now? Not by a long shot!

JR’s list of crimes is too long to ever let him fall into the “good guy” category. From stealing a car from his father to stealing drugs from Dr. David Hayward, JR’s tried just about everything to get what he wants. He blackmailed Babe with a doctored video tape, and then nearly killed Kendall when he was trying to kill Babe, etc. In real life most women would go running the other direction but Babe just continues to be drawn to him, especially now when (it appears) he is trying to change his image for the sake of his son, Little Adam. We’ll have to wait and see if true redemption comes to turn JR into a good guy. Which brings me to the good guy segment, and we can’t choose any better men than the Martin family.

Joe & Aidan

Starting with Joe, Martin men have been there for the town of Pine Valley since the very beginning. Sure Tad, Joe’s son, flirts with bad boy tendencies like womanizing but we all know he’s a good guy at heart. He’s never given up on either of his sons, the search for daughter Kate and even entered into a marriage of convenience with Krystal! And don’t forget his undying love for Dixie.

Tad’s business partner, Aidan Devane, is another good guy that we all drool over. The British ex-spy has had a few shady dealings like stealing Michael Cambias’ body from the morgue and taking it to the garbage dump, but we all know why he did that: to protect the people of Pine Valley. Most recently Aidan refused to give up on the search for Greenlee and Zach and once they were found he practically willed Greenlee to go on living. It doesn’t get any better than that, fans! In real life, Aidan might be too “good” for most women but then he’d unbutton his shirt and his lady-love would buy another ticket for the good-guy train.

As the World Turns

Bad Boys of Oakdale vs. Good Guys of Oakdale

Holden & Aaron

In Oakdale, things don’t come any more polished and shined than the Snyder family. Any woman would be lining up to get to the Snyder boys. At Emma’s farm, those boys must get a shot of good-guy-itosis with their morning orange juice! Take Holden Snyder for example. Since he was a teenager he’s been in love with and trying to rescue Lily Walsh. He forced David Stenbeck to sign a confession of his crimes, getting him out of Oakdale for good – or at least for now! But then Holden went the other direction and shot Stenbeck, but is that really a crime after all the horrible things Stenbeck did? And let’s not forget about his son Aaron.

Though Aaron Snyder only spent a portion of his childhood in Oakdale with the Snyder clan, it is clear that those good-guy Snyder genes fit him well. He has accepted Alison’s past as a meth-user and prostitute, has managed to save Sofie from bad-boy boyfriend Cole Norbeck and is still working his way back to Alison. Will these two have a happily ever after? We’ll have to wait and see, but it’s certain their happily ever after – even if they’re apart! – will be better than anything the future might hold for ultimate bad boy Craig Montgomery.

Craig Montgomery

Though his image is refined and polished, we all know that underneath that smooth exterior, Craig is just waiting to pounce on his next victim. Women in reality would do best to stay away from guys like this! Over the years he has wrested control of Lucinda Walsh’s company, kidnapped Jennifer’s child and driven Rosanna off the road and into a two year coma. In 2007, though, it appeared that Craig was changing his image for real when he fell in love with Meg Snyder. He knew Meg was working him over, trying to gain custody of Worldwide/Montgomery Enterprises so she could return the company to Lucinda but Craig didn’t care. When Paul fell over the cliff and was assumed dead, Craig stood by Meg and helped her through her grief. It appeared Meg was falling for Craig, too, until Paul returned from the dead! Meg’s tune quickly changed and though she and Craig were trying to make a baby, she slept with Paul and became pregnant. Craig was over the moon when a DNA test revealed he was the father but when he realized Rosanna had switched those results, Bad-Craig returned – and he tried to kill Meg’s baby! At the last minute Craig realized he couldn’t do that to Meg and didn’t go through with his plan but that didn’t stop Meg from trying to return to Paul. Will this push Craig back over the bad-boy boundary into the evil man he’s been in the past? It very well could – and we’ll all be right here watching his every move!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bad boys of Los Angeles vs Good boys of Los Angeles

Clarke & Deacon

Interestingly written bad boys such as designer Clarke Garrison can be fun. While Clarke is no mustachioed villain, his list of mischievous acts leaves no doubt as to which list he belongs on. Clarke has a boyish charm, but is also known as a playboy and an adulterer. In his professional life, he has crossed the line numerous times such as when he helped Spectra steal designs from Forrester Creations, took bribes to help destroy Spectra, worked for Spectra as “Beau Rivage”, and also when he used blackmail to land a position at Forrester Creations. In spite of his indiscretions, Clarke is very well-liked by female viewers for his roguish manner, great sense of humor and his matinee-idol looks. In reality, Clarke would likely have just as many admirers due to his looks, personality and high-profile job. Another B&B bad boy that comes to mind is Deacon Sharpe. No longer in L.A., Deacon certainly hasn’t been forgotten, as his daughter Hope, whom he has given up rights to, still resides there with her mother, Brooke Logan. This child was conceived during an adulterous affair, as Deacon was married at the time to Bridget! Among his other misdeeds are blackmailing the Forresters, drugging Jackie Marone, and stealing from casinos! While Deacon has a great following of fans who can’t get enough of this wrong-side-of-the-tracks hunk, in reality, Deacon would likely have far fewer admirers.

Thorne & Eric

Thorne Forrester, the perennial second-best son is definitely a lover, not a fighter. With blond good looks, a place in the family business and a terrible track record with relationships, Thorne has hordes of female fans that would gladly mend his broken heart and warm his bed! In reality, Thorne would be just as much of a catch, although females that prefer very strong men may not be interested!

Eric Forrester has committed adultery many times, but aside from that, the man is a saint! He has put up with wife Stephanie’s manipulations and crimes for decades, has remarried her more than once to make his children happy, and has put in a good, honest living at Forrester Creations. A romantic, he went out of his way to make Donna and his family happy at Christmas and stands by his sex-addicted woman, Donna! While female fans run lukewarm on Eric because of his philandering past, in reality, Eric would be one hot property. There are plenty of women that would love to be with a debonair, handsome, wealthy, talented and romantic man like Eric Forrester!