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Catching up with ATWT Alum!

It’s been four months to the day since As The World Turns was cancelled. has been receiving emails asking what has happened to their favorite cast members, so we decided to do a little sleuthing and learned what most of the cast is up to. Some of the films they’re in, we’ve learned, are still in post-production, so keep an eye out for those either this or next year!

Starkidz staff tells us, Jason Bastelli (ex-Ethan) was seen in an eBay commercial. It’s really cute!

Martha Byrne (ex-Lily) wrote a newer series along with Lisa Brown (ex-Nola, GL). Martha’s the executive producer and also acts in Gotham Series, which is on hiatus at the moment. Currently, the actress is in Amsterdam and told that she was hoping the series would make a return. Already, we’re in love with her character Catherine Prescott, so our fingers are crossed.

Daniel Cosgrove (Chris) is pulling double duty, playing ‘Scott Chandler’ on All My Children and ‘Larry Trout’ in “SteamBoat Series,” which we’ll get into more, further down.

Ewa Da Cruz (Vienna) plays ‘Lucia’ in “Dogs Lie,” which is in post-production.

Mary Beth Evans (Sierra) is back on DOOL playing ‘Kayla Johnson’.

Alexandra Chando (Maddie) is playing ‘Gloria’ in “The Bleeding,” which is in post-production.

Terri Columbino (now Conn) (Katie ) is on One Life to Live playing ‘Aubrey’.

Judi Evans-Luciano (Maeve) is back on Days of Our Lives playing ‘Adrienne Johnson’.

Eileen Fulton (Lisa) is playing ‘Katherine Wise’ in “The Life Zone,” which is filming now.

Sarah Glendening (Lucy) is now playing ‘Marissa Chandler’ AMC and she was also in “Henry’s Crime,” as ‘Varya’ in 2010.

Meredith Hagner (Liberty) was ‘Alexia’ in “Art Machine,” that comes out in 2011. It’s in post-production. She’s also filming “Damsels in Distress,” as ‘Alice’, and has debuted in a new boxing series, “Lights Out,” as ‘Ava’.

Van Hansis (Luke) is playing ‘Danny’, in the thriller, “The Occupant,” which doesn’t have an airdate, so far.

Mick Hazen (Parker) is ‘Zeff’, in “Going The Distance,” which was out September 3 2010. He acted alongside Drew Barrymore, Christina Applegate, and Justin Long. We always knew this younger actor was going places.

Lesli Kay (Molly) is still playing ‘Felicia’ on B&B.

Wally Kurth (Sam) is back on DOOL as ‘Justin Kiriakis’, though we haven’t seen much of him on canvas.

Jennifer Landon is playing ‘Mary Brunner’ in Manson Girls which is in pre-production. It’s about the Mansion murders in 1969.

Paul Leyden (Simon) wrote and co-produced “The Factory,” which is to star John Cusack (Hot Tub Time Machine), and Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter), due in 2011.

Jon Lindstrom (ex-Craig) will appear on “Blue Bloods” starting January 19 as ‘Judge Fenton’.

Marie Masters (Susan) is ‘Carol Calder’ in “Archaeology Of A Woman” which is in post-production.

Robin Mattson (Cherie Love) is playing on Days of Our Lives as ‘Trustee Lee’.