Arielle Renwart (CBS)

All My Children

Meredith K. asks: Where is Alexa Havins? Actually, Alexa left the role of Babe back on October 8, 2007. The character of Babe is now being played by Amanda Baker.

As the World Turns

Karen F. asks: I want to know where I can reach Grayson McCouch? Hi Karen, as with any soap star, you can contact them directly through the show. We have all show addresses listed in’s show FAQs pages. Just be sure to put Attention: Grayson McCouch in the address along with the show name!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Carol A. asks: I was wondering where I could get a nice knock off of Donna’s bracelet that Eric gave her for Christmas. You keep us coming back with the storyline. Fabulous work. I’m a faithful fan. Let me know about the bracelet. Have a great 2008. Unfortunately, Carol, we do not know where this show buys their props or wardrobe for their actors. You may want to contact them to inquire further about Donna’s bracelet and can do so through the address in our FAQs section.

Days of Our Lives

Shaye M. asks: Will Farah Fath be returning as Mimi or will Mimi be recast? As far as we know, Farah Fath will be staying on One Life to Live, as the role of Gigi was created just for her. Please stay tuned to our Days Comings and Goings page for all the latest in casting news!

General Hospital

Melicia W. asks: Who is the child actress that played Kristina on GH? What is her name in real life? I think she is Alexis and Sonny’s TV daughter. You’re right! Kristina is the daughter of Sonny and Alexis and is played by the talented Kali Rodriguez!