Set aside dates for fan encores.

Last year, ABC Daytime aired repeat episodes on October 27. An ABC spokesperson stated that fans requested periodic viewings of past episodes. Therefore, they’ve decided to air such ones to enhance current storylines.

The next pre-emption date for these special fan airings will take place on Wednesday January 19. Look for encores of All My Children (February 12, 2003: Fantasy of Tad and Erika’s wedding day where Tad sleeps with many in Pine Valley. Scenes include Myrtle, Adam, Edmund, Maria and Brooke), General Hospital (May 27, 1996: Sonny plans to leave Lily for Brenda, Carly is taken to bed by Jason and Luke confronts Justus about a murder.) and One Life to Live (February 20, 2006: Todd and John try saving themselves from a plane crash, Bo worries after not hearing from John, Natalie tries to talk Cris out of a boxing match, Adriana is upset by Rex’s flirtations and Tess is pregnant and accuses many of trying to bring Jessica out.) to air in place of new episodes.

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