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As the New Year begins, it appears some of our soaps are finally wrapping up those overdrawn storylines with anticipation for new ones to come… While a few fan favorites are making their exits in daytime, some are returning! No matter what happens, the continued drama always has an affect on fans. reads every piece of mail, the opinions of you – the fans! Here’s what a few of our readers had to say about their soaps – and our website…

Lee K.: Thank you for a great site.

Grant C.: Thanks for creating such a great, reliable, accurate website.

Peg W.: Thank you for the complete synopsis of the episodes.

Thank you for your readership! We’re glad you’re enjoying!

All My Children

Love it: Kate R.: I have been watching AMC for the last 35 years. I never miss an episode. Happy to hear that the original Greens is coming back. Thanks! I miss the get-togethers with the old characters of AMC past for the Christmas dinner. Bring it back if possible.

Love it: Christine S.: I think that the new Greenlee is great! I will hate to see her leave. I have been a fan since 1972.

Love it: Arnold F.: I am a huge Palmer fan!

Hate it: Donna W.: I just wanted to express my disappointment in the firing of a great actress Sabine for an actress who left on her own for personal reasons. I think it is a terrible thing to do to Sabine. The message boards are full of a lot more unhappy viewers because of this decision as well. Sabine is awesome. PLEASE KEEP HER!

Hate it: Shay E.: You are ruining my show. It’s way past time for you to go. To those with the dough… Dixie, Brooke, David, Reggie…who were fired… Put up the money and see that they are rehired! I adore Rebbeca Budig, but the treatment of Sabine and the others fired by this current PTB do not deserve this immoral treatment. These people are making a travesty of a show I have watched since I was a kid. It makes me almost physically ill to witness the way good people have been treated. Sabine is just the latest. You seem to forget that the people who pay your salaries are the other fans like me. We get fed up with you, and we don’t watch any more. Don’t go away mad….just go!!!

Hate it: Rorie C.: Why are they now bringing back the original Greenlee (who no doubt is an excellent actress). They let us get fully into the new Greenlee who is positively a fantastic actress and now OWNS the Greenlee roll! Why do they fix what isn’t broke?

As the World Turns

Love it: Loreen W.: I’m just glad that Christmas will be celebrated in Oakdale this year. Last year was a real let down!

Love it: Pamela C.: I love the way Craig has been to Meg. Please don’t let her go back to Paul. I have watched this show since it started. It’s a wonderful show. Thanks to the cast/writers/director/& everyone else.

Love it:
Paula H.: I just want to say THANK YOU! You all do a great job.

Love it: Nina G.: I think Katie made a good choice dumping Brad. I still want Jack & Katie together.

Hate it:
Marion R.: That was one of the dumbest shows ever. I didn’t even watch the whole thing. Wow…your writers must be in a funk. Please stop this thing about Holden’s lawyer going after him. She is not professional and a detriment to the law profession. If a lawyer behaves like that during a divorce, Lily can bring charges against her and have her lose her credentials. Please don’t insult the intelligence of your viewers.

Bold and the Beautiful

Love it: Linda W.: Three cheers to Eric for leaving that bully Stephanie. I love the chemistry between he and Donna. Let’s hope it continues.

Love it: Heather P.: I have recently became addicted to this soap!

Love it: Jacqueline A.: I so do love the show. I’ve watched it for 30 years. However, Nick, Brooke and their son Jack should be together. I see something very real here. They love each other. Please give Taylor and Ridge another chance. Thank you.

Hate it: Jane C.: I really wish you would stop using the actors for your commercials. What has kept us watching year after year is relating to the actors and the fantasy of their storyline. Using them to sell products takes them out of the story and puts them into the real world. I find that I’m not watching every day anymore because of this. I think it’s a real mistake on your part.

Hate it: Nina G.: I think Eric and Donna should be together – not Stephanie and Eric!

Hate it: Recho J.: Why don’t you give Stephanie another guy? Whatever she did, she loved her family. I’m not saying that she is good but
for Eric she is more. Why is he always going to other women?

Days of Our Lives

Love it: Mevelyn R.: Days of our Lives… great job! I love watching your show. Steve and Kayla are the best!

Love it: BE M.: I wanted to mention, I missed Frances Reid who is Alice on Days!! Have not seen her since 4th of July at the Horton Brady picnic. Now it is Christmas. Saw her today. Thank you, I hope she stays on for a while. I see little Ciara… She’s so cute, especially when her hair is up in 2 pig ponytails like antennae.

Love it: Marianne L.: I love Days. It is one of my favorite shows! I love all of the schemes that go on. Sami has pulled some good ones. Keep up the good work! I enjoy it so much!

Hate it: Martha M.: Drake was the reason that I watched Days. I’ve been waiting for you to bring him back, but I’m losing interest in the show with all these younger actors that I don’t know and can’t keep straight anyway. How could you let him leave so fast and without any warning? What a pitiful funeral. Eric, Carrie, and many others should have been there. Please get him back soon.

Hate it: Gloria C.: The role of Renee Jones is very important to our black community and sometimes we need to reflect back on what we have at home and all the good a relationship has -vs- the bad. I look forward to seeing how she handles situations that she encounter on a daily base and how I see myself having to deal with the same problems. I love her acting on Days so if she is not back on the air I will not watch Days of Our Lives anymore and I have been watching for 30 years and share a lot of conversations with others about Days that give us something to talk about – other than the negative conversations we have about relationships.

Hate it: Patty O.: I just read that one of the core characters is being killed off in February, and if that happens I will no longer watch the show as I have done for the last 35 years. I grew up watching the show Days of Our Lives with my grandmother, and my boss and I watch it everyday at work while we have lunch, so I get to unwind with my grandmother who is not here anymore, and relax with my boss. It would be a shame if this show went off the air.

General Hospital

Love it: Carol B.: I am one fan that is loving Sam and Lucky. I only watch the soap for this couple and I hope to high heaven that you give them a storyline worth watching and not to just prep them up for Jason and Liz. Jason is not important to me nor is Liz. Liz has only made Jason boring. However, I really could care less since Jason is no longer with Sam. Enough of destroying Sam’s character to make Liz look good. Sam is interesting, intelligent and has a lot to offer Lucky if TPTB let it be written. So let it be done!

Love it: Tracie T.: Kate is a good character, nice job on her!

Love it: Mary Y.: I still believe Sam and Jason should be together. It just doesn’t fit for Elizabeth and Jason. Maybe you could get Sam and Jason together again and maybe a miracle (Sam have Jason’s 2nd child and then Elizabeth could be jealous. But make Jason and Sam be happy.

Hate it: Janice S.: Of all the people who should be killed off in Port Chuck I cannot think of a less deserving character than Georgie. She brought only sunshine and smiles to every scene she was in and she will be truly missed. But you can whack all of the following: Trevor, Rick, Scotty, Coop and Layla.

Hate it:
Suzanne P.: I have been a fan of General Hospital for years, since it probably first came on. I am really disappointed with the storylines lately of killing off some of the best, long-term characters. If you want to keep your fans, please put some happy, healthy things in the storyline instead of death, dying, murder, and watching people endure pain and suffering. When the nanny got murdered it was a shock, followed by Emily and then Georgie.

Hate it: Ledy F.: Ever since you separated Sam from Jason, I have not watched the part of Elizabeth and Jason. It is sad for you guys to write the story like that. After all Sam and Jason have gone through for you now to say this is the ideal couple is sick. I never want Jason with Elizabeth. Sam does not belong with Lucky. I will probably stop watching all together.