Diane for best. (Soaps.com)

Soaps.com writers dished on the Best and Worst Storylines of 2010 and now they’ll give you the scoop on their best and worst characters of the year. After you read, we’d love to hear your own thoughts on which characters get two thumbs up or two thumbs down.

All My Children:

Most Underused: Bianca returned to Pine Valley a few months ago after spending some time in Paris with Reese. Since she blew back into town though, all she’s been used for is a sounding board for other people’s problems. She is a beloved character and the daughter of Erica Kane for heaven’s sake. She deserves better than that. Sure, a new actress is playing her, but Christina Bennett Lind has made a seamless transition into the role. It’s high time Bianca got a storyline of her own, not to mention a love life.

Most Likeable: Jake is a guy’s guy who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable with the woman he loves. He’s smart, funny, self deprecating and not too sappy. Jake is the perfect male character, who is also one of the most relatable people in Pine Valley and someone you’d want to actually go to Krystal’s with for a beer.

As the World Turns:

Best character: Reid Oliver. He may have been a “House” rip-off but Eric Scheffer Stevens still managed to make him complex, grumpy and likable all at once. And he helped create the sexiest gay couple since Vincent and Chad.

Worst character: Holden. He was so dull it hurt.

The Bold and the Beautiful:

Best Character: I think we have to give Stephanie Forrester her props here. She got her man back from Donna this year, and we’ve all marveled at her strength as she’s faced her own mortality and made an effort to become a better person in the face of adversity. Not only that, but she’s doled out some great slaps and sarcasm in her scenes with Brooke!

Worst Character: Dr. Taylor Hayes Jones has been a letdown to those of us who wish to see her depicted as a strong, levelheaded, female character to be admired and respected. For months she was basically an ineffective character in her scenes, and now has become an over-the-top hypocritical mess. Disappointing.

Days of Our Lives:

Best Character: Best all around character, is Nicole DiMera. She’s entertaining, she has depth of character, and loads of humor to spare. Even when she’s down, she’s certainly not out. She has an unlimited reserve of strength and that vulnerability that makes your heart break for even when acknowledging the poor choices she sometimes makes. – Chrissi

Best character: Vivian. She’s the only person to lead caroling in Salem. Plus she has almost as many good lines as Victor and her own manservant. What’s not to like? – Matt

Worst Character: Flaky Sami Brady is annoying. The consistent jobless shows a lack of motivation, her mothering is questionable, she flits from Rafe to EJ and back, she whines, mopes, pouts and sobs. It’s difficult to respect her or look up to her when her only saving grace is the bit of strength she carries. She’s in the Willow Stark category this year for me which is a far cry from how I used to feel about her. – Chrissi

Worst character: I was going to say Nathan because any character who can love Stephanie and Melanie has serious problems (at least Philly tried to escape from that by having an affair). But I think the vote goes for Beauregard Aurelius “Babs” Brady. He’s what Rafe would be if he was doing undercover work as a lobster fisherman with a case of crabs. – Matt

General Hospital:

Worst Return: Skye’s return was welcome news, until she came back to Port Charles with nothing to do. Sure she made Tracy jealous, befriended Kristina and got Alcazar’s money, but what was the point? She came and left with hardly any interaction with the Quartermaines and no substantial reason for being there.

Most Entertaining: Diane is truly a breath of fresh air every time she comes on the screen because she tells it like it is no matter who she is speaking to. She’s tough, funny, smart, a great friend to Alexis, loves her man Max and the best part is, she’s immune to Sonny’s dimples.