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The year is coming to a close and writers are dishing on which storylines in the soap operas grabbed them versus the ones that made them shake their heads! After you read, feel free to join in with your own best and worst list of 2010 and then wander over to read the best and worst characters of the year!

Lori Wilson shares thoughts on All My Children:

Best: Since I began covering All My Children in May, I have to say that Jake’s ex-wife Cara resurfacing is the storyline that has been the most riveting for me. It’s given us new compelling characters in the form of Griffin and Cara, a good storyline for Jake and Amanda and a little bit of mystery since it seems like there’s more to Cara’s story than we know. All the characters are likeable and the issue at hand, as well as the performances, are realistic and relatable without being boring. It’s even got Tad and Opal involved, both of whom haven’t had much to do lately. All in all, the makings of a good story and the promise of more good things to come.

Worst: Since Thorsten Kaye decided not to stay with the show when it moved west, he had to be written out, but Zach’s death fell completely flat. The days leading up to his death, viewers were force fed his and Kendall’s lovey doveyness. Zach then inexplicably left Kendall and his boys to help Greenlee and Ryan, the latter of whom he wasn’t too fond of. Then, his plane exploded, which we didn’t see, after him not appearing onscreen for the last episode or two. His death was weak at best and with characters returning from the dead every couple of months, it was hard to get emotionally invested in it.

Matthew Purvis talks about As the World Turns:

Best Storyline: Henry and Barbara falling for each other. It was probably the only story that actually worked really well in the last few months. They had great chemistry, it worked with their characters’ histories and it managed to weave in enough characters past and present that it could give the show direction toward the end… and a happy ending.

Worst Storyline: Jack and Carly’s predicable, cobbled together story had problems, but compared to Chris and Katie’s romance, their plot was masterpiece. Not only did the latter couple have zero chemistry, they had so little going on that they had to rip the heart out of Reid’s chest to try and give their plot some life.

Candace Young reveals her thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Best: The poignant and interesting storyline of Stephanie’s cancer diagnosis and her ensuing decision to live life differently has been brilliant. The fact that Brooke and Stephanie’s volatile relationship was woven into the plot and used to maximum effect is a large part of why this story had such impact for viewers. Seeing the plight of the homeless through the privileged eyes of Stephanie was also an excellent way to evoke drama while also being informative.

Worst: Brooke bonks Oliver by mistake? Really? Not only was this story far-fetched to the point of being almost completely unbelievable, but also it really left a bad taste in the mouths of viewers for a variety of reasons. What’s worse is that they’re barking up that same tree with the Brooke/Thomas storyline now. Hook-ups that are an ‘icky’ factor aren’t hot.

Christine Fix discusses Days of Our Lives:

Best: Though it got off to such a sluggish start, Hope’s prison time was the best storyline for me. The warden killing off inmates in order to provide University Hospital with body parts on demand was their most original in some time. The reveal of Dr. Ben Walters being in on it was a good twist. Hope being attacked by an inmate she put away was frightening as was the beating Lee gave her, but there was an almost immediate payoff with Bo breaking Hope out of prison. Amidst this, was one casualty. Carly, whose heart broke into a million pieces in front of our eyes. Very compelling and as I write, it’s not even over yet!

From Matt, Best storyline: Viv getting buried alive. There was a lot of re-hashing but I’d rather get high on that than whatever smoke Sami was blowing all year. For a few weeks, it was great fun. A lot of that was because it brought out the naughty side of Brady. Combined with his canoodling with Nicole, Vivian’s theatrics and Victor’s constant barbed jokes, it was almost like the old Days, which was the point I guess.