Tis the season to be jolly!

It’s hard to believe another year has gone by and 2011 is right around the corner. 2010 has been a great one filled with lots of soapy drama. We said a tearful and heartbreaking farewell to As the World Turns, and fingers crossed we won’t be doing that for any other soap opera anytime soon.

We’d like to take a moment during our holiday preparation to send a special Happy Holidays to our readers. We wish you all the best during the season and the coming New Year. Your loyalty has made us proud of everything we do to keep you coming back for all the Daytime drama you can handle. We’re thankful for our determined Soaps.com staff who goes above and beyond to continue what’s made Soaps.com the place to be for your soap opera needs.

We hope that next year brings you everything you hope for and look forward to seeing all of our readers in 2011! Best wishes and a very happy holiday from all of us at Soaps.com.

Christine Fix, Amy Mistretta, Matt Purvis, Candace Young, Lori Wilson, Mario Rocchetta, Deanna Barnert, Rolla Bahsous, Allyson Wells, Beth Stewart, Julie Clarke Robinson, Kristi Knight, Lisa Princ, and our designers, developers, upper management, sales and advertising team who are all behind the scenes.