It’s that time of year again fans, a time to get decked out in that amazing dress and put your heels on with anticipation for a stroll down the red carpet…Okay, we can all dream, right?

We won’t be dreaming when June of 2008 rolls around. We’ll all be able to tune in to this year’s 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards and cheer for our favorite shows and stars to come home with an Emmy! This year’s June 20, 2008 event will air live on ABC from the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

With a new year comes a whole new set of voting rules… There will be no paper balloting this year. All votes and entries will be made via an inclusive online and judging entry portal. Once at the Daytime Emmys site, prospective entrants and judges will be able to view the qualifications for the role and upload their choices and DVD video entries through an online form, which will be delivered to the Daytime Administration for approval.

Although there will only be one round of online judging, those voted in with the highest scores will then move on to the nomination and/or winning determination process. What can we expect from this new change in voting… A more accurate account of votes! Another new detail to this year’s show will be a few more added non-soap categories.

As soon as hears who the lucky nominees are, we’ll be sure to deliver the news straight to you! Those qualified entrants have until January 7, 2008 to get their votes in! So until then, let’s all get ready for another year of excitement as the soap operas and their stars hope to add a few more Emmys to their collections!

Amy Mistretta
Assistant to the Editor-In-Chief