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At the end of every year, no matter what soap we are a fan of, there’s always going to be those storylines we loved along with others we hated. Well, fans, based on emails we’ve received throughout 2007, has compiled a list of the most outspoken Best and Worst Soap Storylines of the year for each of the nine soaps! Although it was a tough choice, below you’ll find the writer’s picks for this year’s poll!

All My Children

Best Storyline:

“Spike’s Deafness Storyline” – Emotionally acted, informative and interested are the words that best describe this punchy storyline. In addition to bringing fans information about deafness and cochlear implants, fans raved about the acting of Alicia Minshew (Kendall) and started talking Emmy’s!

“Zoe/Zarf Transgener Storyline” – Fans loved this emotional journey involving Zoe (a transgendered rocker) and fan-fave Bianca. Ever since the two characters left for Europe, fans have clamored for their return to Pine Valley!

Worst Storylines:

“Satin Slayer Storyline” – In addition to killing off several beloved characters, including Dixie, the storyline was long and drawn out.

“Jenny’s Daddy Storyline” – This conventional who’s-the-daddy plot had a twist: Adam left Krystal to handle childbirth alone! Fans hated that action and hated even more when Adam kidnapped and tried to sell the baby.

“Spike’s Deafness Storyline” – Though fans loved the storyline at first, as it drew out over many weeks, fans tired of Kendall focusing on one child
(Spike) and neglecting another (newborn premie Ian).

As the World Turns

Best Storyline:

“Luke/Noah Romance Storyline” – Fans are raving about the chemistry between Luke and Noah and have applauded the writers for taking chances with a gay romance.

“The Gwen and Will Baby Storyline” – Very emotional is what we all have to say about learning Will and Gwen can never have biological children.

Worst Storylines:

“The Return of Rosanna” – Though we were very excited to see Rosanna’s return, we all quickly realized this wasn’t the same Rosanna: “too dependent” is what many fans have to say about Rosanna since her return.

“Carly’s Return” – Aggravating is the word most Carly fans use to describe this storyline. Though Carly has always been manipulative, fans agree that her character has been written over the top and she has gone too far in recent months. They don’t like the changes in her.

Bold and the Beautiful

Best Storylines:

“Brooke’s Rape” – The storyline was mostly believable and the acting was excellent. The plot lost a little steam as Brooke’s recovery was on the quick side, but the storylines that have come out of this event have been great!

“Revealing Stephanie’s Childhood Abuse” – It was wonderful to see the show bring Betty White onto the canvas for such an emotional storyline, which resulted in huge dynamics between her and her mother!

“Stephanie’s Shooting” – A real whodunit, in the truest sense of the word. This story involves one of our fave actresses, and has led to the return of Alley Mills as Pam, Patrick Duffy as Stephen, and Betty White as Ann!

“Ashley Abbott’s Crossover from Y&R to B&B” – There’s a lot of potential to bringing Ashley Abbott to LA and so much the show has yet to tap into!

Worst Storylines:

“The Egg Donor Mix-up” – Just too far-fetched! Never mind how ludicrous it is that Bridget would be overseeing the fertility treatments for her ex and his new wife, but the premise, that the eggs were all labeled “B. Marone” and Bridget asked for the “Marone” eggs (when she meant the donor eggs, which would have been labeled with the donor’s name) is just too convoluted to accept. The baby was then born with a rare syndrome, which only the bio-mom’s bone marrow could correct – this just pushed this story over the top!

Days of Our Lives

Best Storylines:

“Stefano’s return to Salem and finally finding out why the DiMera/Brady Feud started” – I struggled with this because the word vendetta now gets on my nerves. Still, I like seeing the DiMeras and love to hate their evil ways. What can I say?!

“Steve’s Mental Hospital Scenes” – Thanks to new head writer Hogan Sheffer and his crew for interjecting humor into what became a painful, recycled “pawn”storyline. Steve cracked us up and gave the show a much needed dose of comedy!

”John Black’s Accident And Dying Scenes” – Saying goodbye to the character John Black was one of the saddest events in daytime for many – including myself but I’ve got to hand it to the writers, the scenes were well written and well done. I cried for a week straight!

Worst Storylines:

“Tinda Lau Island Claire kidnapping storyline” – Words such as long and drawn out and anti-climactic describe this storyline. In addition to featuring new characters that nobody cared about, it took Shawn and Belle away from Salem and their family. That’s never a good idea to take characters outside of the norm for too long. I think I speak for fans when I say they would have preferred to see Shelle in Salem Place, rather than in Tinda Lau! Whatever happened to Salem Place?

“Touch The Sky Airline” – Summer storyline with a younger set are usually supposed to be used to reach a younger audience and give them reason to start watching the show while on break from school. Not with this story! Even the younger set didn’t care for the go nowhere storyline of Jett/Jeremy/Chelsea/Stephanie and… Rawlings? Just be happy they ditched it when they did.