All My Children

Ginny G. asks: Where did the picture that is in Zack and Kendall’s home by the front door come from. My husband and I love the picture. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I record the soap everyday and we are constantly saying how we love that picture. Any information would be greatly appreciated. P.S. Cameron, you keep having my vote for you on Dancing with the Stars.

Soaps.com: We too love that picture, Ginny! Unfortunately, we don’t know where the show’s prop team picked it up. However, you can contact the show to see if they have that information available. You might get a better response by writing through mail, maybe even address the letter like so:

All My Children
Attention: Alicia Minshew (Kendall)
77 West 66th St. New York,
NY 10023

Or email them at:


Good luck! Be sure to let us know if you find out!

Nancy H.asks: Does anyone know why I can’t find a web site for Julia Rose Barr? She was my favorite on A.M.C. I know she’s off the show but I would like to contact her? Big mistake to let her go!

Soaps.com: We miss Julia too, Nancy, and are happy we’re able to provide you with your favorite actress’s website. Here it is at Julia Rose Barr.com

As the World Turns

Rachel C. asks: Just wondering if you were going to post any photos from the Daytime Fights Pancreatic Cancer event from 12/06/07?

Soaps.com: Hi Rachel. Unfortunately, we weren’t present at this year’s event, so we are unable to provide you with pictures – and couldn’t find any available for you to view online. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Kim L. asks: Who actually owns B&B and Y&R? Bell Productions or CBS /SONY?

Soaps.com: Great question, Kim! While Bell-Phillip Television Productions, Inc. produces the Bold and the Beautiful, it is recorded at CBS Television City in Hollywood, California. This same fine line goes for The Young and the Restless… It’s Produced by CPT Holdings, Inc. but recorded at CBS Television City in Hollywood, California. As for which company owns which rights, we can’t be sure but assume there are many different factors that play into this.

Days of Our Lives

Tina M. asks: Did Peter Reckell become a daddy yet? If so, I hope mom and dad and baby are doing well!

Soaps.com: Yes! A big congrats is in order for Peter (Bo) and wife Kelly Moneymaker! The happy couple welcomed a 6 pound, 9 ounce little girl to their family who they named Loden. All three are doing well! Read more by viewing this link.

General Hospital

Karen B. asks: You played a song sang when the service for Emily was in the church. Could you tell me the name of the song and who sang it. It touched my heart… you see, my son died this past September. He was only 30 years old and I’d like to get that song. Thank you!

Soaps.com: Karen, we are so sorry for your loss. Please accept our sincerest sympathies. We are happy to tell you that the song played at Emily’s funeral is titled “Mark’s Song” by Eastmountainsouth off their self-titled CD. Although you can purchase this CD from Amazon, you may be able to have your local music store order it in for you – if they don’t already have it stocked! We are glad to have helped you locate this touching song.