Jason Gerhardt (ABC)

With the holiday season fast approaching, a handful of Soaps.com’s fine editors asked the soap stars, “Is there a favorite dish that you like to indulge in this time of year?” After all of the hustle and bustle it takes to prepare for the holiday, we hope you’ll be able to relax during this year’s season! As a way to reward yourself for all of your hard work, Soaps.com wants you to take a break from the frantic shopping trips and hours spent preparing that one special dish everyone looks forward to each year by sitting back and taking a breather while the stars share their delicious treats with our editors…

Amy Mistretta, the assistant to the Editor-in-Chief and our very own One Life to Live editor spoke with Justis Bolding who plays Sarah Roberts on the show.

Amy: “With Thanksgiving and even Christmas being right around the corner, what ‘dish’, if any will you be preparing, or which ‘trimming’ is your favorite?”

Justis: “I appreciate the cranberry sauce out of the can. It’s such a nostalgic thing. But I will also be making the stuffing because I like apples and raisins in mine.”

Kristina Knight, All My Children and As the World Turns Editor, spoke with Amanda Baker (Babe Carey Chandler, AMC) about what’s on her plate this holiday season!

Kristi: “Is there a favorite dish that you like to indulge in this time of year?”

Amanda spills, “I’m from the south, so around this time of year I eat a lot of fattening foods! I love a dish we call macaroni pie. It’s basically macaroni and cheese in a casserole dished baked in the oven with lots of cheese and cream! So good. (Smiles) I also love pecan pie for dessert, but it’s got to have vanilla ice cream with it!”

Kristi Knight also spoke with Jerome Preston Bates, who plays the new Derek Frye on All My Children.

Kristi: “Christmas is headed our way very quickly. You’re from the South, is there a southern treat that you’re looking forward to indulging in this season?”

JPB: “My wife, who is from New York, makes an incredible southern pecan pie. I love pecan pie! I tend to get more collard greens this time of year. I wasn’t big on them when I was a kid but I’ve come to like ’em better. And I love corn bread, corn bread stuffing. That is it! Oh, and any time I eat Southern, we do a dish called candied yams.”