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You hate it, you love it, you have mixed emotions about it. What is it? Soap opera storylines, etc. reads viewer’s email and categorizes what you’re thinking. Let us know if your thoughts mirror what you see here. We’re always interested in hearing from you and may print your email here!

All My Children

I Love it!

Patricia D.: I love Greenlee and Aidan together and hope they do have a baby and a future together. They are dynamic as a couple.

Anne X.: I certainly hope you don’t write Zach out of the show. He’s a very good part of the storyline and of course very appealing to the women viewers. I’ve been a devoted fan for more than 35 years and I’ve seen you write off quite a few actors, but Kendall and Zach are as much a part of the show as Erica. Keep him alive – please!

Harley R.: I love All My Children so much!

Hard time getting used to the recast?

Teresa B.: Just want to let you know I do not care for the new Babe. If it weren’t for a few other characters, I would quit watching.

I have been watching All My Children for over 40 years. I have seen characters come and go over the years. I miss the old “Babe”. The new “Babe” just doesn’t cut it. Sorry, but it’s not “Babe”. Thanks for a great soap opera.

Shame on you!

Nancy K.: Shame on Kendall. Tell her to grow up and get on with her life. She has the sexiest husband.

As the World Turns

We’re all about Carly!

Denise R.: I have always loved Carly’s character and style. I especially love her new curly hair.

Cathy C.: I will just die if Jack and Carly don’t get married and stay together! Please let them be together forever like Bob and Kim…let them be the future Bob and Kim for years and years to come as a family role model that sticks together through it all! I’ve been a fan since 1974 and was 6 yrs old watching with my grandma and mother. Now I have an 18 yr old who’s been watching since she was 7. My youngest is 4 and he watches. He can point out Parker, Faith, Sage, Dusty, Henry (he always says Henry silly) and of course JACK AND CARLY. Let the new generation be able to look back in 30 yrs and say I remember Jack and Carly back in the beginning.

Diane W.: Let jack and Carly go ahead and get married. They belong together. Carly will do anything to keep her man. That is romantic, plus they make a good couple, the best on the show, and they have family.

While it’s all about Carly, it’s not always positive!

Hate it: Mildred Z.: I am disappointed in the storyline for As the World Turns. I love Carly and Jack together, but I don’t think it’s necessary to always make Carly use desperate measures to get Jack back. She always has to be an awful person to gain his love. Why?

Hate it: Karen N.: Why does Carly always win? She is the only person on the show who never gets what she deserves.

Ugh! Hate it!

Dawn G.: Still do not like the moving camera. Images are too “floating”, like a home movie. It is really annoying. The Jack/Carly and Katie story is getting way too long. End it or I will stop watching.

Bold and the Beautiful

Loving the show!

Donna L.: I love the show and watch it every day!
Jolene P.: I am deaf woman and am 21 years old. I always watch the Bold and the Beautiful. It is my favorite program!

S.G.: You can let Hunter Tylo know that one of her fans is still praying for her and her family. The Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful are my favorite soaps.

Not so happy with Ridge/Brooke story!

Suzanne R.: I will not be watching B & B anymore. I can’t stand the idea that Logan again is with Ridge. I’ve watched over many years and thought Logan finally got what she deserved, but no she’s back with Ridge and he hurts yet another. You have to come up with more originality. Logan gets old fast as old as her previous mother-in-law. Sorry but I can’t watch this nonsense anymore.

Linda J.: Please get Brooke off with Ridge. We hate them together! You will lose a lot of fans. We are tired of them. Brooke is always going to bed with Ridge. And just got raped. I hate her with Ridge. They have gotten old, give Ashley a chance with Ridge, someone new get.

Ginny D.: I am getting so sick and tired of how B&B is always allowing Brooke and Ridge to get together only to break them apart again. Why did you all write the storyline where Brooke’s eggs were implanted for Taylor’s baby? I am thinking that more people need to be involved in the story, get more families so you all can have something new to write about. The Forrester’s run the town and that is bull. I am starting to get sick of this show and will be starting to watch others if things are not changed soon. Get Brooke and Ridge together and leave them.

Days of Our Lives

Love DOOL!

Renee M.: Back in 1999 or 2000 you aired a show promoting a past character Mimi Lockhart and her family getting involved with Habitat For Humanity. Because, of that show my family has been living in a habitat home for 6 years . . . thanks, you just don’t know how much that show meant to us. And, I’m sorry it took so long to say thanks.

Brenda W.: I am a faithful watcher of DOOL.
John H.: I have been watching Days of our Lives since I was a little boy and I am so hooked on it. I am a huge fan! I would love to just be able to meet the cast.

Yikes where’s the love? Some have lost it!

Patricia E.: This is so bogus, no one in their right minds would ever do what Sami and EJ are doing. This subject has been dragged out too long, and is boring. I would like to see some of the older folks getting into the storyline. Phillip needs to go somewhere else and get a life. I really am upset John was murdered, as he and Marlena were my favorites. I have been watching this show forever and feel the older folks should have a little showing, not all this vendetta crap. No one in their right mind would do this, and Stefano is just too much, I never liked him before, as he was too dramatic, now he is worse. Please, please end all this vendetta stuff and move on to a new storyline….

Marilyn D.: I have watched Days since it first started airing. Several years ago I threatened to quit watching but changed my mind, thinking the storyline was going to change and the DiMera’s would be history. However, Day’s has gotten worse than ever with no one really being dead, no one can be happy and now the divorce of Sami & Lucas is ridiculous. I am through watching! The fact that Day’s and/or their cast has not one an Emmy for so many years now, should tell the writers something.

Linda S.: I have been watching Days of Our Live since I was in high school and I am now 55 and still watch. With the firing of John, which I thought was a huge mistake, he was a strong character and at least there was a couple that renewed your faith in love. Also the stupid story line with EJ and Sami. I have decided to find a new soap to watch because Days used to be the best – now it’s awful. I could always rely on Days having couples that were actually happy and how crazy to think that Sami thinks that she and Lucas can still be together after she marries EJ. Why are they making her appear so naive and dumb? Days has gone too far and I’m not the only person who feels this way. It will be sad for me to stop watching it after at least 40 years.