Ex-Soap star, Harley Jane Kozak has used her past in daytime wisely, to write a fun new mystery novel – Dead Ex! Her Nancy Drewesque character Wollie Shelley is quite the heroine and in Kozak’s latest novel, murder hits close to home when Wollie’s ex-boyfriend and producer of a popular soap opera is found murdered! Wollie’s best gal-pal, Joey is the media’s number one suspect but did she do it? Wollie, greeting card creator and dating correspondent for talk show – SoapDirt – gets caught up in the investigation while proving a loyal best friend.

A fan of the actress and her writing, I recommend picking up the two books, Dating Dead Men and Dating Is Murder, before you read Dead Ex! You’ll be hooked.
Harley Jane Kozak worked in theatre and film before landing on popular daytime shows such as Texas, Guiding Light and Santa Barbara. From soaps, she moved to Los Angeles where she went on to take on primetime series and television movies in addition to performing many leading roles in Theatre. To read more about Harley, please visit her website.

It’s a fun read!! To pick up this book, check out Kozak’s book list .

Christine Fix