Windsor Harmon (B&B, Thorne) & Julie Pinson (Days, Billie)

It’s funny how quickly a simple game of trivia can turn into a joke fest when you have a certain combination of people in the same room vying for a microphone. That’s what happened when nearly 300 soap fans gathered in the Xanadu Lounge of the Carnival cruise ship Imagination during Soap Cruise 2007. Hosted by Cameron Mathison (Ryan, All My Children), soap actors were invited to come up with questions to stump the audience. Alicia Minshew (Kendall, AMC), got things started by asking how many actors have played the character of J.R? The answer is five, but Cameron got the most attention by scoffing, “What Jacob doesn’t know is that there is a sixth one coming soon.” (Jacob Young, the current J.R. took the joke like a champ.)

Ross Moss (Ridge, Bold and the Beautiful), gave the microphone to a sweet young teenager in hopes that she could come up with the correct answer to why Ridge left Taylor for the last time? She did! Turns out that the lovely Taylor had some “action” going on with a guy named James! Cameron lobbed the next question to the fans when he asked how many times Erica Kane has been married? After the audience had successfully named all ELEVEN of her grooms, Jacob Young – in his best drunken J.R. imitation slurred, “I love sl*tty women. It’s HOTTT.”

The actors got a little stuck on the same question (hmm, do members of The Writers Guild even write all the trivia questions?) and then Don Diamont became the third person to ask how many times his character (Brad, The Young and the Restless) has been married. Julie Pinson (Billie, Days of Our Lives) was so bored that she “died of boredom” on the middle of the floor and was soon on the bottom of a pile of her “dead” male counterparts including Christian LaBlanc (Y&R) and Windsor Harmon (Bold and the Beautiful).