For your Primetime pleasures! celebrated our fourth anniversary August 14th. It was a quiet affair. Everyone wore tiaras or strange giraffe hats of some sort. Since the site took off so quickly, we had always entertained the idea of introducing Primetime shows to our soap opera repertoire. You the readers let us know in several polls what you followed in addition to the soaps and while we couldn’t at the moment incorporate all of them, we added three new sections with three prime shows. Some of you may have already noticed and now can officially announce that we are covering these. Fans who watch Dallas, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Vampire Diaries, can get their fix right here on while they continue to follow their favorite Daytime soap operas!

For those with concerns who are not accustomed to change, we promise, this won’t take anything away from our soap opera sections, nor are we turning our back on soaps. It also has nothing to do with As The World Turns being canceled. This is something we have wanted to offer for years. And besides, if you really take a look at what’s on television, you’ll agree that almost everything is a soap opera. Heck, you likely don’t have to look any further than at some of your friends or acquaintances lives – check your news feed on Facebook for an example! Reality TV is more soapy than soap operas themselves isn’t it? And just what would you call “Vampire Diaries” Katherine trying to get to her past lover Stefan while impersonating Elena, his current girlfriend – that just happens to be her doppelganger? Sounds soapy to us. Didn’t that happen a few times on Days of Our Lives? How about “Glee’s” Rachel last week? Her jealousy toward Finn was incredibly Phyllis Newman of her. Yep, sounds soapy to us. What about last week on “Grey’s Anatomy?” It was high drama with Mark trying to convince Callie it wasn’t too soon for him to propose marriage to Lexie, while Meredith finally told Derek she had the miscarriage. That’s just pure soapy goodness. With this in mind, is anxious to deliver you these delicious Primetime shows.