Credit: Many ATWT stars to Y&R! (

Today we mourn the passing of As The World Turns and we look to the future of soaps.

As The World Turns has been a part of most of our lives ever since we can recall. Ever since we learned to walk perhaps or before that, we watched the Oakdale goings on with our mums and grandmas. Some of our writers have grandparents who have watched since the show’s inception and truly don’t know what to do with themselves now that their 2 PM time slot will be taken over by some non-soap show that nobody cares about.

What to do then? Well fans of one soap opera almost always enjoy at least one other soap, whether it be Daytime or Primetime, so is urging everyone who is being forced to give up As the World Turns to scope out other soaps and find a new home. After all, soap operas are a dying breed. You don’t want to see another soap opera taken from us as we watched with Passions, Guiding Light and now As The World Turns. If you can’t bear to see which one comes next, please keep watching soaps. Keep these dramas going!

Some suggestions based on similarities of the shows can be found below:

If you’ll miss ye ole cop shop in Oakdale, Salem’s Police Department on Days of Our Lives always has somebody coming and going from theirs. Hope may not be Margo, but she’s strong and knows her job perhaps better than any of the police at the SPD.

If you’ll miss the hospital scenes with cute Dr. Chris Hughes, snarky Dr. Reid, pretty nurse Alison and stable Dr. Bob in Oakdale’s University Hospital, you may find comfort at University Hospital in Salem where the cute doctors are in abundance such as Dr. Daniel Jonas, who rivals now passed on Dr. Reid Oliver for being the best specialist around, Dr. Nathan Horton is cute and new and hangs out with snarky Nurse Maxine and pretty nurse Melanie. And of course, General Hospital’s always great for a few scenes with handsome Doctors Drake and Hunter and nurse Epiphany who of course keeps them all in line.
If you miss the gay boys, you can hightail it over to The Young and The Restless lickety-split to find Genoa City resident handsome lawyer Rafe Torres flirting wildly with Phillip Chancellor III. They may not be One Life to Live’s Kish just yet or Oakdale’s Nuke or LuRe, but give it time and send in your requests to make them a couple to Y&R.

Another place to find a great hospital scenes is over in Pine Valley, where a newly blind Dr. Angie Baxter is not the only doctor in peril these days. The town’s evil doctor David Hayward was recently found dead – poisoned and there’s a great whodunnit storyline we’re sure everyone will find intriguing. There are a few clubs to visit, and the ladies are always in fashion. As well, Erica Kane, who has lived in Pine Valley since before I was born, will be making a return from her holidays and if you haven’t seen her in action, you should at least give All My Children chance!